Meet the Staff

2018-2019 Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Zachary Wright

Managing Editor- Evi Arthur

Business Manager: Shweta Panchal

Copy Editor: Drew Modjeski

Layout Editor: Jonnathan Montalvan

Graphics and Photo Editor: Brianna Buchanan

Social Media and Web Editor: Benjamin Burney

Multimedia Editor: Kristin McKee


Adnan Basic

Darlene Leal

Ayumi Davis

Abigail Bovard

Jordan Geriane

William Dancer

Fiona Moran

Simon Northrip

Brianna Patterson

Madeleine Barbeau

Hannah Ballerstedt

An Phan

Andrea Lee

Samantha Latson

Elsa Medhin

Andre Hughes


2 replies

  1. I will receive a very nice award from
    the Black Data Processioning Association (BDPA) for my work with inner city kids teaching them computer science here at gage every Saturday.
    thought you might be interested in knowing this.
    Prof ray wright
    Computer Science dept

  2. Ms. Schuller:
    A note asking a favor. I am an adjunct in the Heller College of Business. I have a grandson that needs to interview an editor of a college newspaper ( A requirement for a merit badge – he is an Eagle Scout candidate). Can you be that editor? If so, what afternoon would be convenient for you.
    Thank You in advance!
    Marshall Ottenfeld

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