Maintaining safety in Chicago

by Martin Serrano / Staff Reporter

Public safety is still a priority to keep everyone safe beyond wearing a face covering. Photo courtesy of the Traffic Safety Store.

Public safety continues to be a priority for any community looking to prevent violent crimes from arising. Schools have continued to take a cautious approach as they start to return to in-person classes. Aside from requiring students to wear face coverings and maintain their hygiene, they’re continuing to reinstate traditional security measures for those to attend class as they did before the lockdown. Some of the processes used by Roosevelt University include the Missing Student Notification Process and reporting any criminal activity. 

“The current climate of safety concerns from recent events also required us to make sure everyone surrounding Roosevelt”, said Mike Pizana, Assistant Director of Campus Safety, “Whether they’re a student, a teacher, or a normal civilian not from the university.”

Plenty of neighborhoods in Chicago were given “street outreach”, including mental health programs that aim to assist those at risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of violence. Similar to how public locations are prioritizing public safety with places like universities and the like with the use of protocols at their disposal, the struggles of domestic violence in some Chicago neighborhoods have been a common topic of late thanks to the mental effects due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With programs like ‘Night in the Light’, we felt our works have helped keep anyone, regardless of who they are, safe from any potential dangers that would lie ahead for their future if they were to go down any harmful paths.” said Bridget Hatch, of Metropolitan Family Services, “The COVID-19 pandemic is another element of our challenges, where perpetrators of violence lose control of their behavior and cause unwanted damage to one another from the inevitable abuse found in struggling communities.”

The Chicago Police Department aims to better handle any harm that might arise no matter when or where it happens. As a way to strengthen the bond that both groups of individuals have, they’re going with community concerns so as to let any neighborhood residents report any potential criminal activity to them. 

“Trust is always an important factor of the Chicago Police Department, especially with the recent events related to other states and how they’re handling the safety with their own communities,” said Sergeant Rocco Alioto, “We’re ensuring to have both our group and the communities we serve and protect to maintain accountability with each other.

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