Students prepare for warmer temperatures in Chicago

by Raneen El-Barbarawi / Assistant Editor

Chicagoans headed to the lakefront on Feb. 23. Photo courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times.

As the sun shines brighter and more people are getting the chance to go outside, Roosevelt University students have discussed their hopes that Chicago’s weather will remain warm for the rest of the winter.

Mhari McGhee, a junior integrated marketing communications major, said, “I am glad that it has been getting warmer out, but I hated the cold weather that we had a few weeks back. My favorite season is summer, and I hate the winter, so I have not been enjoying all the snow that we have gotten over the past few months.”

Other students like Cait Kleinfelter, a freshman majoring in actuarial science, also said that she has been enjoying the warmer weather. “I love that the weather has been warmer recently. It makes it nicer to go outside. I love this kind of weather because it’s refreshing, gives me more motivation and feels like spring is coming soon.”

Indeed, the weather has brought upon a spring warmup. According to the National Weather Service, Chicago’s weather reached up to 60 degrees on the final days of February. However, temperatures were expected to dip slightly on March 1 with an expected low of 26 degrees and winds hitting 12 mph from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Inside the walls of Roosevelt University, where the sun shone through the windows, integrated marketing communications sophomore Kamaria Grayson sat in the cafeteria trying to enjoy the warm weather before it got too cold. 

“When it gets warmer, I want to take walks, visit amusement parks and do more fun outdoor activities,” she said. “As of right now, I don’t think it will be freezing or in the negatives, but it will be chilly.”

“Once it gets warmer out, I plan to go on walks and be outside in the sun. I miss getting vitamin D and as someone who struggles with seasonal depression, I can’t wait to sit out in the sun during the spring and summer,” said McGhee.

In fact, recent studies showed that vitamin D is most necessary in the winter to fight infections. However, the majority of people get the least amount of vitamin D during this time. 

Meanwhile, students were also confused about how to enjoy the last breath of warm weather before “Snowmageddon” continued to creep its way towards Chicago. 

“The weather in Chicago is so unpredictable so I honestly have no clue if it’s going to keep getting warmer from here on out. I really hope that we have a warm spring. If it snows again, I will definitely be upset,” said McGhee. 

March weather so far represents a major change in the temperature compared to last month. According to the Illinois State Climatology office, temperatures dropped to the negatives throughout the entire month of January, making it almost unbearable to step outside. However, the short-term forecast calls for continued above-average temperatures for the first few days of March with a shift to more cooler conditions later on. 

“I think the weather will be in or around the 40’s and 50’s for a while,” said Ahmed Salman, a freshman finance major. 

“Chicago weather is weird. I’m from Ohio so I’m used to the cold, but the wind here is crazy,” said Kleinfelter. 

However, other students who are originally from the Chicagoland area expressed their familiarity with Chicago’s changing temperatures. 

“I love Chicago in the summer, but I hate Chicago in the winter. I love this city which is why I stay but it would be so nice if we didn’t have such horrible winters,” said McGhee.

“I enjoy Chicago weather because it is never constantly cold and never constantly hot. I’m glad the weather constantly changes so I don’t get tired of a certain type of weather,” said Salman, adding that he plans on doing outside activities such as playing basketball with his friends as the weather gets warmer. 

“I am used to the weather being that I’ve lived here most of my life and I know how bipolar it can be,” Grayson said.

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures will likely rise to 50 degrees and above throughout the middle of March. 

Therefore, as some Chicagoans prepare for the rise in warmer temperatures, students said that they dread the final days of winter and that they are excited about the upcoming spring-like temperatures. 

 “I hope the weather stays warm, but I have a feeling that it will fluctuate for a while until spring is in full swing,” said Kleinfelter.

“I am not fond of the winter months, but one good thing about having such horrible winters in Chicago is that we appreciate the warm weather once it does come,” said McGhee. 

Salman also spoke of his hopes to wear warmer clothing. 

“I just hope it gets nice enough to go out in a hoodie and shorts every day,” he said.

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