Is Co-Star worth the hype?

by Karina Aguilar / Staff Reporter

To set up a Co-Star account, users must enter their birth times and date of birth.
That information will be used to generate information about their charts. Photo
courtesy of

According to, the app has become increasingly popular among young adults. After only two years, it already had 5.3 million users and over $6 million in investments.

Vogue reported that some astrologists believe an app cannot outperform a private session with a real astrologer, but they do appreciate these kinds of apps for making astrology more accessible.

“Co-Star is a good way for beginners and people trying to learn more about astrology to have a simplified way of doing so,” said Kara Sleeper, a junior criminal justice major. “It does a good job of laying out your chart and explaining placements in a comprehensive way.”

Not only does Co-Star provide an opportunity for people to learn the basics of astrology, it also allows users to add their friends and check their compatibility based on their charts.

Julian Payne — a junior psychology and criminal justice major-—recommends the app for the friends feature, he said it is fun for him to connect with friends and see what he can learn from them or what they might have in common.

“It can also help you become in tune with yourself and perhaps expand your mindset to learn a new way to view life,” said Payne. “It can turn on an understanding of untapped potential or underutilized talents.”

In addition to finding out how compatible users are with others, they can also learn more about how people may act or present themselves based off of their charts.

“I am interested in astrology because learning about someone’s chart can tell you a lot about how they are internally and socially, and their chart placements can just tell you a lot about their personality,” explains Alyssa Oetjens, a sophomore biology major.

While Oetjens said that she believes astrology can explain certain aspects of people’s personalities, she does warn others not to attribute so much of someone’s personality based on their star sign alone. She encouraged people interested in astrology to look at someone’s entire chart—including their sun, moon, rising, Mars, Venus, and other signs in their charts.

“A person’s chart is like their personal book—think of it as a birth certificate—it contains so much information about an individual,” explains Gisel Cruz, a clairvoyant and kitchen witch that practices Vedic astrology. “From how they portray/disguise themselves to society, to how they would handle a certain situation, or even to how compatible they are to another individual.”

Some astrology lovers—like Cruz and Alyssa Stilley, a sophomore english and history major—critique some apps like Co-Star based on their accuracy.

“With Costar I find that it can be inaccurate and really negative, and I guess an overall downside to astrology is whether or not it’s accurate or if it’s just a broad enough analysis for anyone to be able to apply it to themselves,” said Stilley.

Stilley is not alone in feeling like there are some negative updates on Co-Star. The app has recently received criticisms after an interview came out where the creator—Guler—revealed that they ‘troll’ their users. She explained that they send exaggerated or negative updates to push their users to think about the worst thing that can happen.

Cruz compared Co-Star to the “Wikipedia of astrology apps” She explained how it is not super accurate and is too accessible or general. Cruz recommended the app Nebula for anyone that is looking for astrology apps, since the information provided is personalized by certified astrologists.

Regardless of which app people turn to or how seriously they take astrology, Cruz recommended trying out astrology apps for fun and entertainment.

“Astrology is based on generalizations and will not always be 100% accurate to you,” said Payne. “From my experience, Co-Star has been fairly accurate or provided me some insight on the life dilemmas and fortunes that I face, which is why I enjoy checking my updates about once a day.”

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