Beautifully Queer

by Kelly Faherty / Staff Reporter

Beautifully Queer will run through an action-based plan to further and secure LGBTQ+ rights. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

A brand new club at Roosevelt University hopes to celebrate pride, sexuality and self-expression. Beautifully Queer, an organization created by freshman musical theatre major Bobby Hillier, is founded upon the principles of individuality, love and the importance of support.

“Everybody has their own journey when discovering their sexuality, as well as their identity. When I created Beautifully Queer, I wanted to make sure that I created a space that was safe enough for people to tell their stories and create a voice for themselves,” said Hillier. “I wanted people to share the beauty of the world as well as the ugly.”  

So what goes on in Beautifully Queer? According to Hillier, “a whole lot of action.”

“It is one thing to declare you support a group, and another to use those words and assert them into action,” said Hillier. 

“If we really want to see and make change, we must do everything we can in controlling our controllables. What does that look like? It looks like lobbying your policy makers, making sure people are registered to vote, educating people on important issues, writing to your senators and so much more.” All of the aforementioned actions are aimed at Hillier’s ultimate goal: the betterment and protection of gay rights. 

Aside from the group being objective driven, freshman musical theatre major Janelle Sanabria said she feels the group is driven by need. “Organizations such as Beautifully Queer are important to not only the folks within it, but those around us. It’s important to continue to educate on, and implement the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community,” said Sanabria. Though the organization has not been able to host a meeting yet, the mere composition of the group hosts a unique presence in the current club life at Roosevelt University. “Beautifully Queer is important because while there are many queer artists within the program, there aren’t other outlets that are explicitly a place made for and by us like Beautifully Queer is,” said freshman musical theatre major Heather Bohan. 

According to Hillier, anybody who identifies as LGBTQ+ or is interested in supporting the community is more than welcome. There are no prerequisites needed in order to join.

“When I look into the world, I see a world that is divided by fear, hatred, and ignorance. There is no doubt that there needs to be change. Marginalized groups have been threatened with their basic human rights, as well as their personal safety,” continued Hillier. “I’ve learned that we can no longer wait for someone to create change, but we must actively go and create it for ourselves. This idea of actively putting in the work to create change is the core foundation and goal for Beautifully Queer.”

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