Ariana Grande’s “Positions” is right on time for cuffing season

by Andrea Lee / Staff Reporter

Is Ariana Grande’s new album a little too hot for fans to handle? Photo courtesy of Republic Records.

After Ariana Grande titled her last album “K, Bye for Now” it seemed like she was not going to release music any time soon, let alone a new album only 10 months later. Needless to say, Grande shocked fans when she tweeted that she would be releasing an album at the end of October titled “Positions.” After a few short weeks of anticipation, the 14-track album arrived on Oct. 30. 

It’s no surprise that with a title like “Positions,” the album is filled with songs that ooze sex appeal. Grande herself is not a stranger to the risque side of music, as she has a history of producing suggestive tracks like “Into You” and “Greedy” from her 2016 album “Dangerous Woman.” However, “Positions” feels like a new era for the pop singer. With this new album, Grande is taking her traditional bubblegum pop sound to a sultrier, RNB feel that she has only ever sampled in her previous work with songs like “Sweetener” and “Makeup.” 

With “Positions” coming after Grande’s highly acclaimed breakup album “Thank U Next,” there are no tears left to cry. Through the sweet melodies and lyrics like “You the medication when I’m feeling anxious, teach me how to love you,” her sixth album is giving fans sultry anthems they can fall in love to.  

My only complaint with “Positions” is that it feels more repetitive than her previous work, as the album seems to repeat melodies and subject matter track after track. But surprisingly, Grande manages to repackage each song in such a way that each tune stands on its own. The only specific song that felt weak in comparison to the rest of the album was the Ty Dolla Sign feature “Safety Net.” In my opinion, it felt a little sleepy in comparison to the upbeat nature of the rest of the album. 

Grande’s lyrics continue to have the same cheeky flare with lyrics like “You might think I’m crazy the way I’ve been cravin’ if I put it quite plainly just gimme them babies” as her previous albums. Grande again teamed up with long-time writing partner Victoria Monet to make even more magic for a total of seven songs like “34+35” and “Nasty.” After seven years of releasing music, Grande seems to only be evolving with each album, bringing new styles, fun lyrics and experimental instrumentals to keep both fans and critics on their toes.

10 out of 10 torches

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