Ru Reacts: 2020 Presidential election outcome

By Raneen El-Barbarawi / Staff Reporter

Former Vice President and now President-elect Joe Biden accepts the presidency. Photo courtesy of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

After a long and waited anticipation to see the end results of the 2020 election, Joe Biden was officially declared the 46th president of the United States of America on Saturday, Nov.7, after surpassing the needed 270 electoral votes to win by taking over Pennsylvania. 

Indeed, many riots and protests broke out in the midst of the election due to awaited anticipation over which candidate would be elected. Despite all of the chaos that was going on surrounding the race, Roosevelt University students had some thoughts on the outcome of the election. 

Troy Gaston, a senior political science major, said that the election was “strangely chaotic.” “This election exposed how much hatred we have in our country and our majority failed to see how we intersect. We have to continue to fight back and by the grace of God, we were able to get rid of Donald Trump,” Gatson said. 

“I thought it was somewhat obvious because Trump showed in the past four years that he was unfit to be president. If we’re being honest, I don’t think he was the guy fit to meet presidential requirements,” said Keysean Bonds, a sophomore biology major.  

Daphyne Turner, a junior majoring in sociology and minoring in psychology, said, “This race was really close and I actually wasn’t surprised about that, given that Trump won last time.” 

“As a black person, it wouldn’t have been that devastating because we’re used to living in a country that wasn’t designed to help us. We’re used to things being unfair. That numbness we have is real,” she said in reference to a scenario in which Trump was re-elected. 

“I voted for Biden, so I am happy that he won. But Trump refusing to accept the results of the election is really frustrating,” said Mhari McGhee,  a junior integrated marketing major. 

“I think Trump was being ridiculous about the results. It just goes to show one of the thousands of reasons why he really shouldn’t be a person in power,” Turner said. 

The Trump campaign is filing lawsuits against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and Georgia due to Trump’s allegation  that the votes weren’t counted fairly. 

These lawsuits demand for more access in voting locations by allowing observers to monitor the areas where votes are being counted so they can determine if the votes are being counted correctly. The Trump campaign is also trying to proceed with taking a Pennsylvania case to the Supreme Court which argues that ballots shouldn’t be counted if they were received up to three days after the election day. 

Despite election day taking place Nov.  3, projected results were not finalized until days later.  Students spoke of the anxiety that they felt when having to wait for results. 

“I think the election went well, but it upsets me that it was so close. I don’t understand how so much of the country voted for Trump. I am also glad that there is little concrete evidence of voter fraud,” McGhee said. 

“I was very anxious about the election. Not even the results, but just the way that angry groups of people would respond. There was a lot of talk about groups planning to commit violent acts, especially against black people. So, as a black woman, I was thinking about my safety and the safety of my family, friends, and other people of color in this country,” Turner said. 

In fact, President-elect Biden thanked African American voters for helping his victory

However, some students said they are concerned about Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris as well.

“Although Trump wasn’t the best option, I’m not going to say Biden was the best option either. So, I would obviously pick Biden over Trump, but I’m still worried about what he’s going to do. I’m very interested to see how Kamala Harris will impact the nation being the first black female vice president,” Bonds said, adding that he voted for Biden. 

“Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are only substitutes for what we fought against. We have to do our research and hold these people accountable to push back against their past and move an agenda forward for progressive ideas that unite both men and women of color,” Gaston added. 

“I was happy with the results. We finally got someone out of office that has reversed the process of this country. But I know that just because we have Biden and Harris, that doesn’t mean that everything will get fixed. It’s going to take a lot of change and pressure for a lot of us to see the change we need and deserve,” Turner said. 

“It’s also exciting that kids are getting to see a woman as the vice president. Even though I really disagree with some of the things she stands for, her being in office shows other little girls that it’s possible and sets up the future for more equality that women deserve,” she said. 

“I was originally a Bernie supporter, but I settled for Biden, like a lot of other Bernie supporters,” McGhee said. 

“Although I have issues with Biden and some of his policies, I think he is way better than Trump. I hope that our country starts to heal and unite since the past four years under the Trump administration have been so divisive,”  she added. 

Trump is also not in favor of mail-in ballots and has argued  that they’ve been impacting the outcome of the election. Therefore, he’s asking for a recount in states like Wisconsin, after Biden won over this state. 

In fact, Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, said that they will recount all votes by hand. As of Friday Nov.13, Biden is currently at 290 electoral votes, while President Trump sits at 232.

Nonetheless, students still expressed optimism for the future of this election and upcoming ones. 

 “We believe that the people who we elect in office will preserve space for future generations to seek unity,” Gaston said. 

“I just hope we can do the work needed so that our kids and their kids can really live the life that we should be living right now,” Turner added.

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