RU women’s basketball’s new normal

by Andrea Lee / Staff Reporter

After their last season was suspended due to Covid-19, women’s basketball is back. Photo courtesy of Roosevelt University.

The ongoing spread of COVID-19 has put nearly the entire world into a lockdown, causing students to go from classrooms to Zoom calls. 

On March 12, 2020, Roosevelt University decided to suspend not only in-person classes but also all athletic activities for the remainder of the semester. As the circumstances of last semester carry into this one, there is one group of students who have been impacted in particular: student-athletes. Both first-time and more seasoned student athletes are tasked with adapting to remote classes while continuing with outside practices.

Junior integrated marketing major Nicole Poole’s first year at Roosevelt University has not been the traditional college experience. Poole stated that the pandemic has brought forth challenge. Poole said, “The pandemic has made turning in assignments another homework kind of a struggle. It’s harder to grasp that information online rather than being face to face in a classroom.”

Freshman early childhood education and special education major Shawna Conger, like many students, said the pandemic has made learning difficult. “I’m a hands-on person so not being able to actually go to class or have a professor directly in front of me to help when needed is difficult,” Conger said. “It has been tough being a student-athlete during this pandemic because it makes me rely more on myself and have more self-motivation. It has made me a lot more independent.”

Although this new online format has been challenging, some students are finding the bright side. Poole said, “The pandemic has affected a lot, but I think the one thing it’s affected the most is being a student athlete. I like that all my classes are on my computer because it makes it more time manageable and I’m sure others can agree!”

Roosevelt University’s women’s basketball team returned to practice on Oct. 21 with new guidelines. Poole said, “Practice is tricky with wearing a mask! It’s definitely a shift but we have to work with what we got! I’m just happy to be back in the gym.”

With the addition of masks, smaller group sizes and outside practices for a normally indoor sport– students are seeing these new adjustments as only small hurdles in comparison.

Freshman graphic design major Zoe Tucker said, “COVID-19 has affected when and how long we can stay in the gym at one time. We can’t have an open gym every day or come in when we need to get shots up. Wearing a face mask while working out and during practices is a struggle because of how much we run and sweat. It’s sometimes hard to catch your breath during practice.”

With the women’s basketball team geared up to start games in December, there is some confusion about what this new season will look like.

Freshman biology major Rachel Peterson said,“I think there is still going to be a lot of uncertainty throughout the entirety of the season, and that we’ll just have to go with the flow. With that being said, I hope everyone stays healthy, so we are able to proceed with the season safely.” 

Although the season has changed, the team’s collective love for the sport has not.

Freshman early childhood education major Gabby Beggs said, “I think since COVID-19 has happened, it has increased my love for the sport. Although we haven’t been in the gym playing for months, it made me miss the feeling of an everyday habit.”

With the season set to start in December, it seems as though the team is more determined than ever. 

“As an athlete, I don’t think you let difficult situations hold you back from achieving things you want to achieve, but rather motivate you to work at those things when given the opportunity.”

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