“Push” by Noel Miller proves we may need to take him seriously

By Jules Banks / Editor-in-Chief

Noel Miller, Youtuber, currently has 1.8 million Youtube subscribers, according to
statsmash.com. Photo courtesy of marriedceleb.com.

Youtube star and Internet entertainer Noel Miller has taken a more serious — and notably solo — turn in his music career, dropping his EP “Push” at midnight on Oct. 30. The EP has five tracks: “Lennon’s Ghost,” “Sunbeam,” “Head Sunk,” “Crow,” and “Bus Back.”

A first full listen of the EP — which was produced by Spock, with guitar and bass performed by Tom Ryan — reveals a much more intimate, serious tone than any of his collaborative music with Cody Ko in their musical duo, “Tiny Meat Gang.” It’s akin to the styles of Joji and Dominic Fike, with strong focus on voice and lyrics and relatively low-fi music pulsating in a solid beat in the background. It’s simple, and it’s good. Miller is playing to his strengths in this new music, keeping his signature husky rap flow at the forefront of the tracks. 

Miller, right-hand man of social media comedian Cody Ko, is no stranger to lyricism and music engineering. The pair started their comedy music group, dubbed “Tiny Meat Gang (TMG)” in 2017, and have gained more traction than originally anticipated (considering that they claim it began as a jab at another Youtuber, Jake Paul, and his rap career) with 1,971,371 monthly streams on Spotify. Their latest singles, Sophia and Broke B****, in particular have gained traction, as both songs have become popular on TikTok and other social media apps. 

Additionally, Miller has released solo singles in the past, such as “Motor Yola” and “Wood Worm,” both of which made their rounds on social media. With his 1.3 million Instagram followers and 1.8 million subscribers on Youtube, it isn’t difficult to get his work some traction. 

“Push” album cover. Photo courtesy of genius.com.

A long-game plan to gain fans through social media comedy routines, only to reveal a much more serious music career blossoming, is a clever idea, and Miller definitely isn’t the first Youtuber to do it. Joji, mentioned above, once masqueraded under the name Filthy Frank and pulled shocking stunts on camera for views before diving into the music scene. Troye Sivan gained followers through solo vlogs and collaborations with bigger Youtubers before releasing “Blue Neighborhood,” which shot him into stardom. Even some A-list stars like Justin Bieber started on Youtube. 

It’s sometimes hard, throughout the EP, to remember to take Miller seriously, as the man that is currently rapping lyrics such as “Head sunk, six in the trunk / Rev’ in the cage, make it do stunts,” is the same man whose fame was jump-started by a viral vine of him smoldering at the camera saying, “It’s ya boy, Skinny Penis.” However, if anything was to lay the groundwork for Miller for a larger rap career, this EP would be it. It’s clear he isn’t kidding in this EP, and with time, I would definitely not be surprised to see him climbing the charts. He’s got the perfect combination for success: raw talent, the right connections, and a large, flexible fan base. 

8 out of 10 torches 

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