By: Aidan McGinty / Staff Reporter

Alyssa Stilley dressed up as Wendy from The Shining. Photo courtesy of Instagram user @aerosmithlyss

It’s clear that this Halloween will not be entirely conventional, but what will this mean for the holiday’s most important tradition — costumes? America has been living in the clutches of COVID-19 and the various restrictions caused by it since the beginning of the year, and many holidays have come and gone while in quarantine. But can Halloween truly be celebrated while indoors and isolated from friends and family? How will Roosevelt students make the most out of this “quarantine-ween?” 

‘[Halloween] is really important to me,” said sophomore history/english major Alyssa Stilley, “This year I was Wendy Torrence from The Shining. I have always been a Halloween fanatic and my favorite part typically was wearing a costume that I was really proud of and that I could show to other people.”

Halloween costumes often come with a sense of pageantry, and a motivation to show off to others, but the medium of showing off costumes will have to be different this year. Stilley said, “I won’t be able to go somewhere with a lot of people to see everyone’s costumes, which is another highlight for me. Luckily we have Instagram to do it this year.” 

Stilley is not the only one not giving up on Halloween. Sophomore Maya Wenc is upholding the romantic side of the holiday: “I am going as a cowboy couple with my boyfriend, and we will be staying in, watching some spooky movies, and drinking apple cider.” She added that she is not letting COVID-19 ruin her costume plans, since her “only plans are staying home.” 

Unfortunately, some people are not feeling too spooky this year. Sophomore history major Alexis Pollozzi is not planning on whole-heartedly participating in Halloween celebrations. “With everything being so isolated and confusing, I decided not to go all out this Halloween,” she said. “Usually me and my friends group together in costumes but with being home and away from all of them I cannot this year.”

It seems as if some Roosevelt students are trying their hardest to make the most out of their quarantined holiday. Stilley discusses her adjusted Halloween plans, saying, “I’ll be in my dorm dressed up with my roommates with lots of candy and a scary movie marathon!” Others, such as Pollozi, are having a hard time finding the motivation to be a part of the merriment.

Can Halloween truly be celebrated with everyone separated? Does it require trick-or-treating? Or partying? History major Trent Bremmer does not think so. “Even though it might be different than we’re used to…we can still embrace the spirit and aesthetic of the holiday and dress up- as well as meet with friends virtually.”

While Halloween will undoubtedly be strange this year, the student body of Roosevelt will not let the holiday pass without some sort of acknowledgement. Be it staying in with your friends or significant other, having a scary movie marathon, experimenting with costumes and makeup, or just eating a few pieces of candy, Halloween appears to be in no way cancelled.

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