If America has many underlying health issues, is COVID-19 enough to kill it?

by Aidan McGinty / Staff Reporter

A Trump 2020 campaign flag flying under the United States flag. Photo courtesy of unsplash.

After the first presidential debate, America was rocked by the news that the president and first lady had both tested positive for COVID-19. At a time when the health and presence of both candidates is vital to their respective campaigns, some may have been  left confused about the future of the election. 

Sophomore biology major and honors’ program assistant Kennedy O’Connor said, “My initial reaction when I heard [that] the president and first lady had been diagnosed with COVID-19 was, honestly, uncertainty. Unfortunately, we are at a place in our country where we cannot trust the president. I wasn’t sure if it was a political scheme or if it was real. I did not put it past the Trump administration to pull a stunt like that.”

Similarly, junior integrated marketing and communications major Nicole Poole said she was also skeptical of the president’s diagnosis. 

“When I heard about Trump getting diagnosed I thought it was fake, and then he ‘recovered…’ and it left me wondering why not all americans receive the same level of medical treatment that he did,”Poole said. 

Poole and O’Connor are not the only ones feeling uncertain about the state of our government. 

Political science professor, Andy Trees said, “Everyone focuses on President Trump’s behavior, and it is absolutely true that he is violating all sorts of written and unwritten constitutional norms in ways that undermine our system of government.” 

“But in a situation like this, Congress is supposed to act as a check on the president and is supposed to push back and force him to respect those norms. In part because of the highly partisan nature of Congress and in part because of its current level of dysfunctionality, it is not performing the role that it should be. And I think that is highly worrisome for our system,”he added

He argued that COVID in the White House is not something to stress over. “Because of the 25th Amendment, we have a long line of succession laid out if the president and other members of the cabinet become incapacitated,” Trees said. 

In today’s political climate, some Americans may struggle to trust their government. As America gets closer and closer to the presidential election, tensions are only rising.

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