Among Us: the new socially distanced gaming craze

by Karina Aguilar / Staff Reporter

Among Us was published by American game studio InnerSloth and released on June 15, 2018. Photo courtesy of

Although the game Among Us was created in 2018, it only recently gained popularity in mainstream culture.

One factor contributing to the game’s surge in popularity is Twitch. The popular streaming website allows users to broadcast video game content to an audience of viewers and subscribers. 

“Twitch creates a lot of hype around the game and attracts a lot of people because these big streamers have thousands of people watching them play,” said Bryan Meyer, a senior criminal justice major. “People see that they are having a lot of fun with it so they also want to experience that and join in on the hype around the game.”

This appears to be a popular opinion within the gaming community. According to, from the beginning of July to the end of August, the amount of Twitch users streaming Among Us went from a couple hundred to over 100,000. The more viewers on Twitch, the more the number of players in the game grew. 

The accessibility and familiarity that comes with Among Us may be another reason why this game has become so popular.

“It reminds me of the game of mafia but in an online version game,” explained Roberto Palacios, a senior accounting and finance major. “Among Us is also popular because it is free! A free game where we can play with friends is the ultimate attraction.”

Some Roosevelt students said they prefer to play Among Us because it is easy to play within the time constraints that come with being a student. 

“I like to play when I have a little free time in between classes,” said Meyer. “I would totally recommend playing this game because the games only last five to 10 minutes so it’s fun to play when you have a few minutes to spare.”

Many students, like Palacios,  enjoy playing Among Us virtually with their friends. Some students said it allows people to  have some fun and stay connected during a time where many people feel separated from others.

“I play with friends and communicate over the phone or Zoom meeting,” stated Palacios. “It makes the process easier to communicate and to have fun. I also enjoy discussing who the imposter is. It is the best part because it gets intense.”

A few students said they play Among Us to cope with the current stressors they are facing. Students have expressed that playing the game is a good way to take their minds off of the stress of school amidst a global pandemic.

“Sometimes just staying connected can honestly be stressful if you get to talking about anything going on in the world right now,” said Tasin Islam, a junior psychology major. “So instead of talking–having that interactive game that everyone participates in and gets our mind off of everything else is an ideal way to stay connected right now.”

Students like Islam said they believe Among Us is a popular app to download in a time where students feel disconnected from others. It may provide students with a way to form connections and take their minds off of the current struggles they are facing.

“Social distancing made us realize how virtual games, programs, and events are powerful,” said Palacios.

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