What to do when there’s nothing to do

by Karina Aguilar / Staff Reporter

 It is important to take time for self care. Reading a book is a great way to keep your mind busy!

Students all over the world are adjusting to social distancing and online classes. To help lessen the burden of such a sudden adjustment, Roosevelt University is emphasizing the importance of practicing social distancing as the school year comes to a close.

According to Sariah Bolden, a sophomore and resident advisor at Roosevelt, “Social distancing is important because we want to minimize the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible.” 

Keeping in mind that social distancing benefits society as a whole, it is important to be selfless and stay inside as much as possible.

While Americans are encouraged to stay at home by local and state-wide officials, many students are used to being on the go constantly. Undoubtedly, it has been challenging for many to limit their activities and live without such a rigorous routine. 

“Being at home, for me, is something I’m not used to,” said senior psychology major Noe Alcantar. “I’ve commuted to Roosevelt for the past two years. When I’m not in the city, I do my volunteer hours at Mundelein High School, work at Vernon Hills Gymnastics and Ivanhoe Club and do my homework at the public library. Staying at home for this long is a complete switch for me, but I have plenty to keep me busy.”

Some students are also concerned about the switch to online classes.

“I’m worried about being distracted by the things I have at home and not focusing on my schoolwork since I can just lay in bed instead of doing school work. But that just means I’ll have to have more discipline for myself,” said Bolden. “With social distancing, there isn’t much to do other than school work, so hopefully it will balance itself out.” 

Regardless of whether or not campus is closed, students still have a lot of work to keep them busy. Some students claimed to be overwhelmed by the workload since a significant amount of online teaching requires independent learning and staying extremely organized.

“What worries me the most is that most of the assignments are due on the same day, which makes it seem overwhelming,” said Alcantar. “However, as long as I stay organized, I know I will be fine — and I think I started off right.”

It seems challenging for students to stay focused and keep up with their workload, but it is a challenge students will hopefully adjust to as time goes on. Professors seem to be very understanding of the stress and challenges that students may face due to COVID-19.

According to geisinger.org, it is important that students practice self-care and stay centered during their time at home. On top of doing schoolwork, students seem to be taking extra steps to stay productive. 

“I’m just going a bit stir crazy staying inside, so I try to step outside whenever I can,” said senior psychology major Andrew Roth. “It’s definitely not ideal — and I don’t mean to sound like everybody’s parents — but if you’re really bored, maybe now is a good time to organize your email or deep clean your room.“

Having so much downtime at home allows students to practice and expand on their hobbies. Whether they choose to go for a walk, work out or read a good book, this is a seemingly perfect time to do so, according to many students. 

“Catching up on sleep has been my favorite thing to do. I’ve been doing some homework, which is boring, but it’s nice to be ahead in classes,” said Bolden. “I have also been binge-watching shows on Netflix and Hulu, and I started a 300-piece puzzle so that should be exciting.”

It is also a good opportunity to do things people normally do not have time to do and allows them to potentially find some new hobbies.

“I’ve been able to work on a lot of creative projects that I’ve put on the back burner during the school year, so it’s been nice to dive back into those,” said Roth. “It’s also nice to paint, write music, draw, watch movies, binge watch tv shows or pick up an old video game.”

Students seem to be focusing on staying safe, spreading positivity, and catching up with old friends. On top of keeping up with school work, trying to do new and productive things seems fun to students. 

“So far my favorite thing to do is playing video games with my friends because we have all been busy working and going to school that we haven’t been online in a long time,” said Alcantar. “I also keep myself busy by listening to new music, practicing the guitar and painting. I also like to make these dumb workout videos and send them to my friends on Snapchat. I work out and it keeps me entertained, it’s a win-win for me.”

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