Editor’s Note: Coronavirus update

As I’m sure you all are aware by now, in order to keep the spread of the coronavirus under control, the remainder of Roosevelt’s spring semester will be carried out completely online. 

This, unfortunately, throws a wrench in the way the Torch runs. 

Every Monday, we usually have a pitch meeting in the Torch office where reporters pitch their story ideas and we figure out what content each section will contain. The following Tuesday is when articles are due, and the editors and I spend the next few days editing them for content, spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow, etc. On Friday, once everything has been checked and double-checked, the section editors and I get together in the Torch office and layout the paper on InDesign, putting in all of the photos and edited articles. The print PDF is sent to the printer on Friday night, delivered to our office on Monday morning and we deliver it to the stands Monday afternoon. 

Obviously, not being able to come to school and meet in person makes production very difficult for us, and since none of you are currently on campus either, we don’t really see a point in publishing a print copy for newsstands. 

However, with all of the coronavirus craziness going on, I think we were all itching to write about it. Plus, we really love publishing — even if we don’t get to print. 

So, we will be continuing to publish on a weekly basis on our website from here on out and suspending the printed version of the Torch for the foreseeable future. You can still expect to see many of the same things you enjoyed reading in the printed version like Reyna’s Roundup and Mohammad’s and Amanda’s columns. 

This whole situation has been difficult for all students, and although we are limited at the moment with where we can go and what can be reported on, we still want to be a service for the Roosevelt community. If you think there’s something we’re missing that you want us to cover, reach out to our email (rutorchnews@gmail.com) and let us know about it. 

In the meantime, stay home, keep safe and wash your damn hands!

Evi Arthur


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