The Food Advisory Committee is Hungry for Change

by Aidan McGinty/ Staff Reporter

Amidst all of the commotion surrounding the unofficial integration with Robert Morris University, the first meeting of Roosevelt University’s Food Advisory Committee (FAC) took place on Wednesday, Feb. 26. Led by freshman biology major, Lexie Judd, the committee was formed in order to enact change in the Wabash cafeteria following a great deal of student dissatisfaction. 

As the head of the FAC, Judd claims that they are here to “bridge the gap between students and faculty to build a stronger and more inclusive cafeteria.” She also said that she was inspired to create the committee by the number of students unhappy with the cafe options and hours. “So I brought it up at an SGA meeting and Leo [president of SGA] was like ‘well, how would you feel about creating a committee for this issue.” Judd loved the idea, thus the committee was born. 

Judd also wished to clarify that this is in no way a reflection on the students’ opinion of the cafeteria’s employees. “This committee is in no way an attack on the employees that work in the cafe, the dining center or Aviand’s. We are simply just trying to accommodate the needs and concerns of the students here at Roosevelt.” 

But what do the students think? When asking Roosevelt students about the cafeteria, many of them had negative things to say. “I think the cafe makes an effort to provide a variety of good options, but I don’t think they quite reach that goal every day,” said freshman English major Alexa Bocek. ”Some days are good, and others are disappointing. For the most part, only one or two options are generally appealing, it’s easy to eat the same thing every day and get bored of it.” 

On the other hand, freshman health administration major Maya Wenc said, “I have enjoyed meals from the cafeteria, but I have started to see repetition.”

The food service director, Bill Reich, attends the FAC meetings along with the students, having an open conversation with those that are seeking change. Freshman FAC member and political science major Lilly Pribish said, “Bill was so willing to meet and talk — he was so attentive and understanding of every single point we brought up. He took the time to explain everything to us and has already made changes we suggested.” 

Speaking of the changes that have already been made, a new FAC-suggested addition into the cafeteria’s snack roster has already been appearing on shelves. At the meeting, Pribish suggested adding celery sticks with peanut butter, to which Reich allegedly responded, “Give me two days to print up the labels.” 

The FAC encourages all students looking for a change in the cafeteria to attend. Pribish said, “It is important that students that are interested in hearing these issues and sharing their own show up to these meetings so they can hear and meet Bill for themselves. He really wants what is best for us, but we have to show up so he knows.” 

The meetings take place on the last Wednesday of the month in Wabash 317 from 2 to 3 p.m. If students want a change, this is a way to get it done. 

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