RU Reacts to Fall 2020 Course Selection

by Karina Aguilar / Staff Reporter

Roosevelt University students have been anticipating the courses for the Fall 2020 semester for a while. As the likelihood of the RMU integration increases, the students’ curiosity about the changes in potential courses increases along with it.

It turns out that students seem to be pleased with the options for the upcoming fall semester. 

“I definitely think there are enough credits to fulfill my major requirements,” said Ashlyn Kitter, a freshman elementary education major. “As an education major who wants to get ESL and bilingual endorsements, I definitely have a clear path to follow to receive them. Within that, there are so many different courses that benefit me as a future educator.”

Although Kitter has options regarding furthering her specific career, she expressed the desire to have more electives that interest her. 

“I would love more classes with opportunities to go out into the city,” she said. “I know there are some at Roosevelt, but I haven’t heard much about them. I also would love some more Spanish class opportunities.”

When asked about classes offered, the academic advisors at Roosevelt also seem to be generally happy. They may struggle with schedule conflicts and full classes, but they are helpful when it comes to getting students the classes they want. 

“Overall, I think there is a good selection of classes for students. However, some of the classes are fall or spring only classes and students have to wait a year to take a class they may be excited about,” said Courtney Williams, an academic advisor at Roosevelt. 

As an academic advisor, Williams also gets a lot of feedback from students. According to Williams, since Roosevelt University is a social justice school, it has many students that are interested in taking classes that involve making a difference.

“Students would like to see more classes offered that would have the ‘ideas’ attribute or that would involve debating,” said Williams. “Also, students would like to see more social justice courses offered that are focused on service and equality.”

Students with added on requirements, such as the honors program or multiple majors or minors, have less flexibility in the classes they can take each semester. With that extra stress, it can be disheartening at times, but Roosevelt seems to be taking the right precautions when it comes to helping students fulfill their requirements in a timely manner. 

Rane Kenny is a junior double majoring in English and sociology. She is also an active student on campus and a part of the honors program. 

“I wish there were more honors classes to take specifically in my major(s) and minor, but I can always use a contract, which is nice,” said Kenny. “I have never taken an honors class in my major and I do not think I will be able to before graduating.”

Contracts allow students to take whatever classes they want and still receive honors credits. Students are able to do a project or some supplemental work to fulfill their honors requirements. This helps them get enough credits to graduate with honors, even if their majors do not have a lot of honors classes provided.

Although she  said she was disappointed that she cannot take more honors classes that are dedicated to her major, she still seems very happy with the course selection Roosevelt offers.

“The specific topics that RU offers are great,” said Kenny. “You can really deep dive into one specific topic and dissect it, which I really enjoy. I am currently taking WGS 315: ‘What is a Family?’ and it’s my favorite class this semester.”

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