Roosevelt’s reporting class attends Chicago Auto Show

by Raneen El-Barbarawi / Staff Reporter

The decorations hanging from the McCormick Place ceiling advertise the 2020 Chicago Auto Show. Photo by Raneen El-Barbarawi.

Prof. Billy Montgomery, along with 16 of his students, attended the Chicago Auto show at the McCormick Place on Feb. 12 at around 11 a.m. The event takes place from Feb. 8 to 17. Roosevelt’s multimedia reporting class embarked on a short bus trip to attend the 112th edition of the Chicago Auto show.

The Auto show includes prizes, games, food, raffles, free rides and, most importantly, a wide variety of both luxury and economy cars that are displayed for people to consider purchasing. The general admission for adults is $13, and $8 for seniors and children.  3

 “I really like looking at the older and more environmentally friendly cars,” said Olivia Byrne, 20, a junior journalism and media studies major.

“It’s an easy way for consumers to see cars they’re interested in before they make a purchase or without the pressure of being at a dealership,” said Jesus Flores, 21, a senior majoring in History.

“There’s a big group of us and there are so many options for different stories so I think Montgomery really wants to see what we have to offer,” said Arianna Thome, 21, a junior journalism major.

Byrne explained that she believes the purpose of her class attending the auto show was to “find a good story and find what’s beyond a lot of cars just sitting here.”

Indeed, people like Samantha Latson, 20, a junior journalism major, also explained that she believes they attended the auto show to “help better their journalism skills.”

A sampling of the cars out on the floor of the auto show. Photo courtesy of

However, people like Flores said that he believed that his class was attending the auto show to “do some reporting on ugly cars,” adding that as part of his story, he was asking people on “why they think that people think their cars are ugly.”

Other students spoke on why they believed this trip was significant.

“This is important, especially for students who want to find themselves a career in journalism. They’re going to have to talk to people they don’t know so they could branch outside of their comfort zone,” said Samantha Latson, 20, a junior majoring in journalism.

“I think it’s important to see where technology is taking us. Cars are essential, everyone has one, so I guess it’s cool to see how we’re evolving,” said Thome.

“As a group, we’re all more collectively engaging with people that are here. But, if we came on our own, we probably wouldn’t be engaging as much,” Byrne said.

Other students spoke on their excitement of the trip and what they were looking forward to seeing. “It’s my first time here. It looks pretty cool, there’s a lot going on. I’m going to go look for the expensive cars and try to drive them,” said Flores.

“It’s the trucks… I love the trucks,” said Thome. “They’re pretty.” 

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