Integration update: new construction

by Evi Arthur / Editor-in-Chief

President Malekzadeh and President Krueger on Oct. 2 at the first integration forum. Photo by Evi Arthur.

While Roosevelt waits for approval from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) for the Robert Morris integration, construction preparing for more students has been well underway. 

Students might have noticed construction going on around campus. This is all part of Roosevelt’s Building a Stronger University mission. Renovations are being made around campus in order to make room for incoming faculty, staff and students. A full list of present and planned renovations can be found on the Building a Stronger University (BASU) website under the “Updates” tab — or by using our QR code below. These renovations will be taking place at both the Chicago and the Schaumburg campuses.

There will also be a consolidation of RMU and RU’s libraries, according to the latest BASU newsletter. Starting in Schaumburg, approximately 52,000 “unique print volumes” will be moved from RMU’s collection into RU’s closed stacks. Once the evaluation process in Schaumburg is done, library staff will “reallocate portions of the print collection between the closed stacks and the Roosevelt Chicago Campus at a later date.” All items will be available upon request during the process.

Also, on Inside Roosevelt, Roosevelt’s intranet platform, there will be a new home page for employees from Robert Morris, including shared documents and highlighted posts from Roosevelt users. More information will be shared later, according to the most recent BASU newsletter. 

Although these renovations might seem concerning for some students, President Ali Malekzadeh insists that renovating campus is all a part of progress. “You should be suspicious of a campus that doesn’t have [constuction going on] because it shows progress.”

These renovations are following a visit from HLC last fall. Malekzadeh mentioned that the visit was very positive and that we should be hearing from the HLC with the approval for the integration within the next month or two. “I really don’t see why they wouldn’t approve it, because all the signals have been positive. And then we move into integration as soon as possible, so it’s looking good.”

Going forward, there are a few events coming up that students should go to, like the Financial Aid Fireside Chat on Feb. 18 at 2:30 p.m. Financial aid representatives from both RMU and RU will be there to speak to students about FAFSA, tuition and scholarships. “Financial aid is always important and we always want to make sure that students graduate with as little debt as possible,” President Malekzadeh said about the event. “We want to have well-informed students who make good decisions.” 

The State of the University Address will be Apr. 8 at 1:30 p.m. in Ida B. Wells lounge. 

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