Grammys or ‘Scammys?’ Can the recording academy still be trusted?

by Aidan McGinty / Staff Reporter

Billie Eilish won five Grammys at the 2020 awards show. Photo courtesy of

The 62nd annual Grammy Awards came and went, kicking up a cloud of dust as it concluded the 2019 music cycle. But, “music’s biggest night” does not come without controversy, the main point of contention this time being 18-year-old Billie Eilish sweeping many of the main categories. Her total wins: best new artist, song of the year, best pop vocal album and album of the year. 

Many fans began to argue online that Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” and Lana Del Rey’s “Norman F*****g Rockwell” were both more deserving of the title. 

When asking the students of Roosevelt, freshman Alyssa Stilley said she thought that Eilish deserved the Grammy. 

“If you look at all the other artists comparatively, her album was so unique in ways I’ve never heard before,” she said. “She was the most hands-on in the production process, and the amount of publicity it got should also play a role — everybody was talking about the album when it came out.” 

However, Del Rey’s and Grande’s fans have also argued that point. Freshman musical theater major Oscar Hew says he believes that Lana “was more deserving,” as she “deserves recognition for her contributions to music as a whole.” 

Ariana Grande posing during the 2020 Grammy Awards. Photo courtesy of

“Ariana Grande was completely robbed at the Grammys this year. ‘Thank U, Next’ was created during the worst time of her entire life with Mac [Miller] dying and breaking up with [her] fiancé [Pete Davidson],” said freshman biology major and self-acclaimed Ariana Grande fan, Lexie Judd. “And she turned it into an album with over two billion streams.”

This year’s Grammy Awards occurred only days after former Grammy’s president Deborah Dugan exposed suspicious activities within the recording academy.

She wrote about the “egregious conflicts of interest, improper self-dealing by board members and voting irregularities with respect to nominations for Grammy Awards, all made possible by the ‘boy’s club’ mentality.” Her statement created waves in the music community, causing many people to discredit the Grammys as legitimate awards, now claiming that they really do not mean much at all.

Many arguments about the awards show were not in person, but on social media, with superfans all flocking to post about how their pick for Album of the Year (AOTY) was robbed. The uproar was widespread, going as far as to get #scammys trending in the U.S. 

Many of the tweets were not exclusively upset about their pick not winning AOTY, but not winning any Grammys at all.

Twitter user @nexaaaay_ tweeted, “Ariana didn’t get any Grammys when she literally owned the charts with this album? Umm ok, I see what you did there #scammys.”

Another Twitter user @blarbyblerb tweeted, “thanks a lot scammys for another trash show, Lana and Ariana are too good for y’all.”

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