Robert Morris University defeats both the men’s and women’s basketball teams at Roosevelt University

by Raneen El-Barbarawi / Staff Reporter

The crowd at the Goodman Center on Nov. 13. Photo by Alejandro Caballero. 

Both the Roosevelt Lakers men’s and women’s basketball team took a tough loss against bitter rivals Robert Morris for their first official conference game at the crowded Goodman Center on Wednesday Nov. 13.

The women’s basketball team lost 79-53 that night, leaving their record at 0-4 and 0-1 in conference play. The men’s basketball team lost 77-71, and they now sit with a record of 0-5, with a 0-1 record in the CCAC as well.

 Lindzy Cox, a senior business major and a women’s basketball player said, “I felt like we came out strong, but at the end we started to lack back and they ended up increasing the score.” 

“We’re getting off to a rough start but if we continue to work, then we’ll be good. We just have to put it together,” she added. 

Her teammate, JayShari Chears, a senior biology major said, “We’re kind of a small team, so we have to rely a lot on our quickness, which is why it’s tough to rebound. But, every now and then, we have a lot of good things, but just not all together.”

 “Sometimes we rebound well, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we play defense well, sometimes we don’t,” she said. 

Roosevelt University’s Women’s basketball team playing against Robert Morris. Photo by Alejandro Caballero.

 “It’s been a work in progress for us, low numbers and a new style of playing together so we’re building on putting that 40 minute game together,” said Emily Ragsdale, the women’s basketball team head coach.

“Now that conference season has started, you know, conference is very much your lifeblood. You win conference, you get to play on in March. We’re taking it one by one and I think we know that, so we’re trying to take every conference game as a win,” said Ragsdale.

The men’s basketball team has also faced similar challenges.

“I feel like we’re still trying to get things to go our way, you know, they’re a very quick team, we’re still kind of slow on our end but we’ll figure it all out,” said Lucas Jordan, a freshman criminal justice major. 

“We’re a young team so I feel like we’re going to grow as we play games. I feel like this is just an eye opener but I’m excited for our future and what we have ahead of us,” said Jordan.

“I thought that today we took a huge step in the right direction against a really talented team. I think if we played them two weeks ago, it may not have been as close of a game, but I saw a huge growth, so it’s almost a consolation seeing that growth,” said Roy Ramos, the assistant coach for the men’s basketball team.

Ramos also said that the team has consisted of mostly juniors and seniors during the past seasons but the accumulation of new and young players has made the current season particularly exciting.

Ramos said that the new additions to the team are,“extremely talented but most important—they’re awesome kids outside of basketball.”

Roosevelt University’s Men’s basketball team in a huddle during a game against Robert Morris. Photo by Alejandro Caballero.

“Every day in practice, it’s a classroom. I’m learning, they’re learning; that’s what coaching is and that’s what being on the team is about,” said Ramos.

“I think we’ve got a good shot… we have some tough kids,” said Ragsdale. “As players learn the new system, I think we’re going to be good at the right time.”

“We coming,” added Cox. “That’s what we [the fans] should look out for.” 

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