Sound Off: The Torch’s pick of favorite Halloween candy

Want to sink your teeth into the best Halloween candy this year? The Torch’s staff has got you covered. Here are some of our favorite Halloween candies. Give them a try and let us know if they were fire.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Halloween Kit-Kats by Amanda Landwehr

Although these chocolates are the perfect treat regardless of season, the fluorescent orange Halloween Kit-Kats have been my favorite spooky candy for as long as I can remember. Looking back on my early childhood memories of trick-or-treating on chilly Halloween nights, I remember dumping my bag of candy onto the floor of my living room and practically lunging towards the bright orange Kit-Kat packaging. From the sweet milk chocolate to the delicate layers of wafer crunch, this candy provides both a satisfying texture and a sugary finish. Whether they are dipped in orange, white or milk chocolate, Kit-Kats will always satisfy my sweet tooth.

Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups  by Jules Banks 

Truly nothing can compare to the first bite of a Reese’s peanut butter cups. However, Halloween themed Reese’s are a different level of phenomenal. The spooky shapes combined with the delectable blend of peanut butter and chocolate solidifies this treat as a top-tier snack on Halloween night. It’s a mystery as to how they taste better than regular peanut butter cups—they just simply do. I often ended up with a sick stomach the morning after Halloween due to eating ten of these peanut butter bats or pumpkins in rapid succession after trading back and forth with my siblings to get as many as I could. Although the chocolatey reward was worth the stomach ache, I do suggest that you eat these at a slower pace than 11-year-old me did. 

Photo courtesy of Jens Mortensen for The New York Times.

Hershey Bars by Raneen El-Barbarawi 

Remember trick-or-treating at the age of 9, eagerly hoping to fill your bucket with king-sized Hershey bars? Well, my now 20-year-old self still wishes that too. You can truly never go wrong with a classic Hershey’s bar, but there’s something about being able to choose from the multitude of Hershey bar flavors that makes my mouth water. Allergic to almonds? Grab a cookies ‘n’ creme bar. Do you only prefer the original milk chocolate Hershey’s bar? You have that option as well. There’s even a dark chocolate flavor for those who prefer their candy bittersweet. Indeed, any Hershey’s chocolate bar will have you finishing your Halloween candy the moment you get home from a night of trick-or-treating.  

Photo courtesy of Candy Warehouse.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups by Mohammad Samra 

Every year, my parents purposely buy an unreasonably large quantity of candy so that my four siblings and I can enjoy candy deep into November. I usually get a head start on one of the bags containing Reese’s in them, so that by the time trick-or-treaters come knocking they’ll get whatever is left over. My mother resorts to hiding the delicious peanut butter cups so that the family can enjoy whatever few I manage to leave behind, but I always find where they’re hidden. I usually wait until 1 or 2 a.m. to make my move, then sift through Hershey’s, Almond Joy’s and whatever else takes up space in the bag until I get every last one of those precious peanut butter cups. 

Photo courtesy of Justin’s.

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups by Kristin McKee

These are pretty much the pretentious, vegan version of Reese’s cups. I thought my first dairy-free Halloween would be a bust due to not being able to eat some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups anymore, but these dark chocolate almond butter cups came to the rescue. The chocolate is rich and indulgent, the almond butter is creamy and not too sticky, and the cups overall have the perfect balance of sweet and salty. They’re also packed with organic ingredients, so this is truly the perfect guilt-free treat to add to your Halloween candy feast. Of course, these cups are a bit pricier than Reese’s, but the extra dollar or two is so worth it. If almond butter isn’t your thing, Justin’s also makes dark chocolate cups with peanut butter and cashew butter. 

Photo courtesy of Kiwi Corner Dairy.

Twix Bars by Ayumi Davis

A thin layer of chocolate encasing caramel and a cookie. What’s not to like? It’s what makes Twix chocolate bars the perfect blend of taste and textures. There’s the ooey-gooey chewiness of the caramel mixed with crunch of the cookie all put together with chocolate for a sweet note that never fails to hit the spot. I remember dumping out my post-trick-or-treating bag and picking out each Twix bar to see how many I had, then bargaining with my friends for their Twixes in hopes of getting more. I still wish I could trick-or-treat just for free Twixes but, sadly, it isn’t socially acceptable for a 20-year old to be walking around with a pillowcase slinged over her shoulder among elementary schoolers. Bummer.

Photo courtesy of

Skittles by Adnan Basic

You’re either a chocolate person or a sweets person when it comes to Halloween candy, and I am certainly more in favor of receiving sweet treats. In that regard, no candy can come close to bringing the taste and flavor that a quality bag of Skittles can. The original red bag is iconic, but there are also a number of risky flavors that work incredibly well. Skittles also don’t get stuck in your teeth after an intense chewing session, which is always much appreciated. Taste the fruity rainbow this Halloween.

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