Sound Off: The Torch’s pick of favorite Autumn activities

Having trouble finding the perfect autumnal activity in the Chicagoland area? The Torch’s staff has got you covered. Here are some of our favorite fall festivities. Give them a visit and let us know if these fall choices were fire.

Logan Square Farmers Market by Amanda Landwehr

When it comes to celebrating the arrival of fall, the Logan Square Farmers Market is a must-do for Chicagoans wishing to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Located off of W. Logan Blvd, this outdoor farmers market has everything. Ranging from apples to Mexican street corn to bouquets of flowers, the options at this market will fulfill all of your freshly grown needs while supplying you with an instagram-worthy background.

Fall leaves and football by Mohammad Samra 

As the dog days of summer give way to the brisk chill of fall, spending all Sunday wrapped in blankets watching football is a perfect end to the weekend for NFL fans. Start times for games are spread out so that there’s always at least one contest on from noon to about 11 p.m. Lying comfortably while the sounds of helmets crunching together echo from your TV speaker provides one of the most relaxing feelings—unless you have a fantasy football team, of course.  

You can’t shout October without shouting “Spooky!” by Raneen El-Barbarawi 

As the leaves turn darker and Halloween approaches, it almost seems inevitable that you’ll be doomed to inevitable fear. Therefore, if you’re in the mood to scream, run or even laugh, then visit a haunted house this fall. I, for one, am absolutely terrified of everything (if you know me, then you know that you should not sit next to me while watching a scary movie). So, it may seem ironic that I’m suggesting that you should visit a haunted house like Statesville Haunted Prison or any other haunted house in Illinois. If you’re really in the Halloween spirit and enjoy old, spooky locations, then I suggest you visit the Congress Hotel located on Michigan Ave right here in downtown Chicago.

Pumpkin patches are perfectly peaceful by Jules Banks 

A long-standing fall tradition is an adventure to a local pumpkin patch. As someone from a relatively rural area, I couldn’t drive five miles any direction from my home without witnessing dozens of farmers converting their family land into a little fall festival, with handmade PUMPKINS FOR SALE signs hung up on their tractors and concession stands set up for patrons. In Chicago, it may seem a bit more difficult to find a perfect patch, but have no fear: with Sonny Acres in West Chicago and Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm less than an hour southwest, city-slickers have every opportunity to go eat a candy apple and hand-pick the perfect gourd to carve for Halloween night. 

Staying in and getting spooked for free by Evi Arthur

Why would I subject myself to the cold of the “great outdoors” to get spooked when I could stay in my room wrapped up in Halloween-themed blankets ($9.99, thanks Target) and watch horror movies? It’s easy, safe and completely free (especially if you get a friend from Wabash to provide your in-movie snacks). Add a pumpkin-scented candle to the mix and you’ve got yourself a festive night all to yourself. Real pumpkins are gross and smelly in real life anyway. 

Being alone with your thoughts by Adnan Basic

If you want to try something really spooky and scary this upcoming Halloween, make sure you close the door to your room, turn off the lights, put away any technology and think about the life you’re in the middle of living. At that moment, all your true fears will come out to party. Worried about all the midterms tests and papers that are due any day now? Anxious about how life is going by so fast that you are almost in the year 2020? Fearful that you won’t be able to land a job that isn’t terrible after graduation? Concerned that you’ll never find true love and will ultimately settle for someone who’s simply good enough? If you’re not now, just wait until you spend some time alone with your thoughts. Have fun!

Visiting the suburbs by Kristin McKee

Chicago is a wonderful city, but since moving here, I haven’t been able to achieve that cozy, calm feeling I would get during autumn in the suburbs. When I visit my hometown of Plainfield, Illinois, I like to walk around some of the neighborhoods and see all of the Halloween decorations displayed in front of houses. I also like to walk through some of the forest preserves in the area, my favorite being Hammel Woods. It’s a really nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city, but it’s also a nostalgia trip because it reminds me of the kind of autumn I grew up knowing and loving.

Bonfires by Richard L. Figueroa

Fall is, without a doubt, my favorite season. I love the weather around this time of the year in our beautiful city of Chicago. Autumn nights can be cold, but what’s better than enjoying them with friends huddled around a bonfire? Being surrounded by my favorite group of people while enjoying an autumn bonfire is truly joyful. Laughter, the crackling of firewood and the taste of delicious gooey s’mores—what else can someone ask for? 

Harry Potter Movie Marathon by Ayumi Davis

With the coming of Halloween and spooky vibes, watching all the Harry Potter movies is my go-to for the fall. To curl up on the couch with a blanket, a bowl of popcorn and some sour gummies, it’s a perfect acitivty for when the wind’s a bit too chilly or when it’s wet and rainy outside. Personally, my favorites are the fourth and fifth. The action and adventure is super fun to watch! 

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