SGA Convenes After Integration Forum

by Elsa Medhin / Staff Reporter

Left to right: Leonardo Rojas, President/Reilinda Barrerras-Garcia/Lilly Pribish, Director of Campus Life/Sunyata Courie, Director of Events/Nick Cecce, Director of Student Success/Deriall Reed, Vice President. Not pictured: Maria Sanchez, Treasurer/ Samantha Hernandez, Student Trustee (candidate).

The Student Government Association (SGA) held their third meeting of the year on Wednesday, shortly after the student forum discussing the announcement of Roosevelt University’s intention to integrate with Robert Morris University. 

Despite tensions still running high from the forum just an hour prior, the meeting kicked off with introductions and updates on resources that SGA runs, like the Food Pantry.

Also present were student representatives from various organizations like Black Student Union (BSU), Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), Student Programming Board (SPEED), Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and Honors Leadership Council (HLC).

The majority of the meeting consisted of discussions amongst the assembly about the integration between RMU and RU. Many attendees were left wanting a more direct line to administration to ask how students could affect change in the school surrounding the integration.  

“I definitely think the university listens to us. [SGA] has connections directly to the president of the university, as well as provost, deans and professors,” said SGA president Leonardo Rojas. “We’re trying to establish a larger student body so your voices can be heard as well.”

Questions about RMU’s student government merging with ours were quickly dismissed as Rojas informed the assembly that Robert Morris’s student government was practically non-existent and would not be merging with ours anytime soon. 

Other executive board members—like Lilly Pribish, the SGA Director of Campus Life—were quick to reassure the assembly that the integration was happening in the student’s best interests, despite the overwhelming nature of it all. “Because we are a non-profit school, the main goal for this integration of the schools would be to benefit us financially and for our well being,” Pribish said. “They wouldn’t do it to harm us or profit off of us.”

Nonetheless, the Student Government Association at Roosevelt is a resource available for all students throughout the course of the integration. 

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