JbroBugatti takes the stage

by Richard L. Figueroa / Advertising Manager

JbroBugatti performing at Emporium Wicker Park. Photo courtesy of Joshua Torres.

A leap of faith is what Joshua Torres, 23, recently took after quitting his day job in order to pursue his dream of blowing up as a Latin trap and reggaeton artist. Torres has given himself a year off of work in order to give music his full-time effort.

“I do these shows, and after I do these shows I have to go back to work the next day, it just didn’t feel right,” said Torres. “Reality for me is doing these shows, being on the road and making music.”

For Torres, it all began when he was 21 years old and released his first single called “Bandz On Me” in 2017. The track was released through Private Stock, an independent music label in the city of Chicago, which he had been a part of even before he started to work on music. 

Torres had always wanted a nickname since all the people around him had one. Little did he know that his nickname would actually become his stage name. He is now known by the stage name of JbroBugatti.

When Torres got his first car at the age of 16, all he wanted to do was drive people around. On one occasion, he picked up his friend and fellow rapper Tahj Malik Chandler, better known as SABA and Torres’ brother, who is a D.J. known as Dam Dam.

Chandler gave Torres the nickname ‘Bugatti’ because of his fast and reckless driving.

“SABA was like ‘I got a name for you bro, ima call you Bugatti because you drive fast,’’” said Torres. 

The nickname didn’t quite stick until two weeks later when Chandler was recording his song “United Center” for his sophomore mixtape “ComfortZone.” In the aforementioned track, one can hear Chandler say, “Bugatti just walked in the room.” Torres recalled the day he walked in the studio as Chandler was in the booth recording the song. 

“Ever since that day, I changed my name to JbroBugatti,” said Torres. 

The first part of the nickname, “Jbro,” originated from a short period of time in Torres’ life when he lived in Florida. While in high school, he was part of a clique called J Gang, where every member of the clique’s name started with the letter J. He eliminated the word “gang” and added “bro” in order not to have a negative connotation tied to his name. As he got older, Torres said he distanced himself from trouble and focused solely on music.

“Growing up, he wanted to try things you don’t want your children to do,” said his mother, 49-year-old Anna Claudio-Camacho. “Other than that, he’s a hard worker and he loves what he does and he will do anything to pursue what he wants.”

Torres has been around music his whole life—his older brothers were rappers and often had small shows at bars, where Torres said they would sneak him in.

As of today, Torres has had over 40 shows, ranging from headliners to opening for other artists, particularly in the Latin Trap and Reggaeton genres, like Lunay, Dalex, Miky Woodz and El Alfa.

“I want to start making music with these artist I’ve done open up for,” said Torres.

He has also been part of two music festivals in 2019: Festival Cubano in Riis Park and the Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash in Douglas Park. 

He also had a chance to perform at the Second Annual Summer Kick-Off Peace Rally where he performed his music in front of 4,000 CPS students. 

Throughout 2019, Torres has released seven singles. “Fantasia” & “Lakeside” are two of his most recent songs. Both tracks were produced by Flex Lennon, a 28 year-old producer and engineer for Private Stock. Trey Sazon, Instagram personality and musician, is also featured on both tracks. He has been a frequent collaborator on Torres’ music releases, and they have other songs together such as “Dura” and “Estilo Upgrade.”

“We’re in the studio almost every day working on new music. I met him when he was 16, so it’s been awesome see his growth as an artist and a man,” said Lennon. 

Torres has proven himself to be a versatile artist as he has composed songs in various genres such as hip-hop/rap, Latin trap and reggaeton. Although there is no telling where he is heading next in his career, it seems like success awaits him, as well as that red Bugatti he desires to own one day. 

JbroBugatti performing at The Mine Music Hall. Photo courtesy of Joshua Torres.

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