Everybody’s an Artist

by Abigail Bovard / Staff Reporter

Art classes have many benefits for stressed college students. Photo by Juliet Furst on Unsplash.

When students pick their classes each semester, they generally tend to stick to classes that fall within their major so they can stay on track for their anticipated graduation date and Roosevelt offers hundreds of undergraduate classes for students. From economics to writing to quantitative literacy, students have the chance to fill their schedules with whichever classes they want. Roosevelt even offers over a dozen art classes—however, students seem to be wary of diving into the fine arts.

Taking art classes in college is a good way to take a break from the stresses of everyday life. In a study titled Reduction of Cortisol Levels and Participants’ Responses Following Art Making, researchers discovered that almost 75 percent of participants experienced lower stress levels after creating art. With the stresses of taking rigorous college classes, some students may find the ability to relax and create in an art class beneficial.

Valerie Taglieri, an artist and art instructor at Roosevelt University, believes that more students should participate in art related courses. Taglieri said art courses are often times a nice contrast to the other classes that students might take. “By taking an art course, we are connecting to a part of ourselves that we wouldn’t otherwise,” said Taglieri. She also believes that art courses can help students better understand their own majors.

By taking an art class, students can become more in touch with their creative side. Being open to creativity can help students navigate their other classes and their future endeavors as they enter the workforce after graduation. A survey done by IMB found that out of 1,500 CEOs from all over the world and 33 industries, CEOs valued creativity the most for business success.

Art is an important part of everyday life. From the architecture of Chicago to the murals scattered across the city to the pictures everyone takes on their cell phones, art is everywhere. Taglieri believes that art helps people see the world in ways that they would not otherwise. “The arts help us connect to our creative side, and the reason why it is important is because it helps us connect with the world,” Taglieri said. “Studying the arts helps us get a greater view on our culture and other cultures.”

Often, an art class in college can seem like an easy GPA booster or a trivial step on the path to graduation, but it can completely change the way students approach their other classes. It offers respite from the tough classes students have to take in order to graduate. Art classes can help students be more creative in their classes and help them be more successful when they join the workforce. For those who want to get in touch with their creative side, taking an art class might be the perfect option for them to squeeze into their busy schedules. And for those who just want a break from their tough classes, an art class can provide the relaxation they crave.

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