RU Welcomes Newest Members

Meet the fresh faces in RU’s halls.

by Abigail Bovard / Staff Reporter

Roosevelt University welcomes a fresh crop of students for the 2019-2020 school year.

Secondary education is something that many students all around the world look forward to their entire lives. However, transitioning from the cushy world of high school to college can be a daunting task to some. It is the first time that students “leave the nest”, and truly feel the freedom that university can bring. From making sure to eat to making it to class on time, the new responsibilities that freshmen gain can be overwhelming. Roosevelt University prides itself on inclusion, but freshman year can still feel isolating no matter what. 

College is a completely different experience than most are used to. It requires students to be independent and self-motivated in order to earn a degree. There are no more high school teachers making sure students get all of their work done and turned it in on time. Movies and television shows make college seem like it’s a non-stop party, when in reality, college takes a lot of hard work in order to succeed.

Freshman year is a whole new territory, yet with the right attitude, it can feel like a breeze. Alysea Jenkins, a biology major, feels that her freshman year has been pretty good so far.

“It’s been pretty cool, just transitioning from high school and learning how to navigate college,” Jenkins said. She also mentioned that her newfound freedom is her favorite part of the college experience so far. 

Aidan Mcgrinty, an integrated marketing communications major, said his favorite thing about Roosevelt University is how friendly his fellow students are. “Everybody here is so nice, and they’re always so willing to talk to you and have a conversation in the elevator even if you’ve never seen them before.”

College courses are a way for students to take classes they are actually interested in. However, they are completely different from the structure that K-12 classes thrive on. College courses can be longer and more difficult from what students are used to. Having a good course load can make the jump to college a simpler one. Nina Kallil, a vocal jazz and contemporary music major, said she has been enjoying all of her courses so far.

“I find them all interesting and I’m eager to learn. I like all of my classes,” Kallil said. Jenkins said her favorite course is within her biology major.

“My favorite class is my lab, even though it is three hours. It’s fun because it’s hands on and I get to put on my lab coat and goggles and feel professional,” Jenkins said.

Freshmen may not even know if they made the right decision in coming to Roosevelt University until they have experienced it themselves. Mcgrinty said he chose Roosevelt because it was a good option for him.

“I chose Roosevelt because I knew I wanted to go to a school in Chicago, and it seems to be the one that offered me what I was most looking for in a school,” Mcgrinty said.

The independence gained from going to college can seem like a lot all at once, but it can be used as a learning experience. Kallil said the most shocking experience of her freshman year so far is her independence.

“I have three older siblings, that are much older than I am, so they’re like other parents, so probably figuring things out on my own and having that independence, and enjoying it,” Kallil said.

Although it can be hard to make the transition from high school to college smoothly, Roosevelt offers a multitude of programs to help students succeed. The Academic Success Center and the writing lab can help students better understand their studies. Peer mentors offer one on one help and the counseling center offers emotional support for anyone struggling. Students should not feel afraid to reach out if they need any help, whether it’s academic, social or even for their mental health. 

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