Roosevelt’s Golf Team Continues to Break School Records

by Bogz Lopez / Staff Reporter

Nicolas Paviet swings a club. Photo by Steve Woltmann.

On Tuesday, Sep.10, Roosevelt University’s golf team celebrated a first place victory at the St. Francis Invitational at Wedgewood Golf Club in Plainfield, IL. While at the St. Francis invitational, Nicholas Paviet a freshman at Roosevelt University said he found himself under a lot of pressure to shoot the game winning putt to seal par. The Roosevelt Lakers won by one point that day but as a team they beat a school record with a score of 294. The 5 players that day were Drew Ritter, Nicolas Paviet, Jared Tjelmeland,Trace McGuire, Gustav Dyhre.

It did not take long for the Lakers to break more records. At the Johnson University Fall invite at Randall Oaks Golf Club in West Dundee, IL the Lakers placed fourth as a team. However, freshman Nicholas Paviet placed first overall with a score of 68, beating another school record.

 The boys say that they do believe the golf program is rigorous. Some of the students have classes during the day and often find themselves practicing around 6 a.m before class starts. Other players on the team, who have class in the morning, train everyday from 2 p.m to 7 p.m.

Juggling athletics and academics may be difficult for some students,“Being a freshmen balancing school, golf, and still trying to have a social life can be difficult. Balancing it all and meeting new people can be tough,” Tjelmeland said. 

Coach Peter Pougnet said that the golf team has come a long way since he first started coaching at the school in 2014. He said that in his first season the team was ranked second to last place in the country. “I only inherited three guys in the play. Our first conference tournament I had to use a basketball player. So, it’s definitely come a long way in a short amount of time.”

The team has seen improvement since them, now ranking 93rd in the country. 

 Senior JT Polinski said, “That’s an asterisk. That’s not for long.” The boys say they are determined to raise into the ranks, already placing fourth in their conference for 2019.

Currently there are five new freshmen with six returning members on the golf team. The boys said that they think have a solid team, Tjmeland said, “We are basically like a big family. We go everywhere together in the same van and everything. We always talk to each other and we’re all good friends. That’s the best thing I think so far about it or me, at least, I don’t know about Nico (Nicholas) over here.” 

The boys laughed and coach Pougnet said,“That’s the culture we wanted to create, and it’s definitely helped us out, on and off the golf course.”

(from left to right) Cooper Carmody, Gustav Dyhre, Jackson Sutton, Harrison Sillings, Drew Ritter, J.T. Polinski, Coach Peter Pougnet, Nicolas Paviet, Jared Tjelmeland, J.T. Kruzich and Trace McGuire

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