Why Don’t Students Attend On-Campus Events?

By Abigail Bovard
Staff Reporter

With Chicago as our campus, it is impossible to miss out on so many incredible opportunities here in the city.

On-campus events are a fantastic way for students to get together and take a break from day to day college life. Roosevelt has held a multitude of events this 2018-2019 school year, from HIV testing days to bringing in dogs for students to pet to even the recent late night breakfast held on April 30. Yet, it feels like quite a few students do not participate in these events, including myself. Roosevelt University tries its best to attempt to make each event fun and even informative, but none of them seem to bring students together.

With Roosevelt being such a small campus, it easy to understand that it is much harder to create a diverse amount of activities. Yet, each activity feels just about the same. Most including popcorn, an assortment of pop and the same few people attending each time. Although, the few events I attended this year have generally been fun, overall they feel a bit lackluster. Most events on campus are more geared towards students of certain majors and even specific clubs.

Being a student, I understand that it is extremely hard to grasp the current students attention. Yet, a lot of events the school and residence life put on do not seem to interest me, and I am sure a lot of students feel the same way. Personally, I am not going to attend an event that does not interest me in the slightest. College students are also all sorts of busy. Most of us have been attempting to juggle going to class, completing coursework and a job or even two. Meaning there is little to no time in the day to attend on campus activities or even think about attending on campus activities.

To be fair, most events here on campus are extremely informative, I remember one event I attended was on AIDS awareness. I thoroughly enjoyed that, but there were four people in the audience. I don’t attend a lot of the more academic events because I learn all day in classes and I am not really interested in learning about things that have nothing to do with what I am studying. Although, that sounds awful, we all have a lot to focus on with just our classes alone.

Even the events held by residence life and the RAs have come with their own unique experiences. My favorite RA sponsored event this year was the “Jars of Goald” event where we were meant to paint mason jars and put our goals for the year inside of them. I had a lot of fun at this event, yet such a small amount of people came.I feel that a lot of students would have enjoyed taking a break and getting the chance to be creative, but many missed out on this event.

Roosevelt has offered an abundance of activities for students to go to this past school year. Students could have attended countless sports games, attend lectures from professionals in their field, performances by CCPA students and joined multiple clubs on their excursions through the city. Even with a large amount of events for students to choose from, attendance at these events still felt low throughout the year.           

With so few people attending each on-campus event, it feels as if the student body lacks school spirit. These events are put in place to create a more fun environment for every student to enjoy, even if they do lack any interesting qualities. With more students in attendance at school events, I feel as if the school would feel much more like a community. I know why I personally did not attend a large amount of on-campus activities this past school year, but I still wonder why other students chose to opt out on these events. Be sure to take advantage of on-campus events next school year, you never know what you might learn.

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