Students Plan for Summer as Semester Ends

By Ayumi Davis & Richard L. Figueroa
Staff Reporters

Chicago has a lot of activities to do during the summer. Source: eddebevics.

During the summer, freshman psychology and criminal justice major Paige Nestich works at the local pool back home in Hobart, Indiana. She and her coworkers would play sand volleyball during their breaks and act like they’re from Baywatch, looking over the swimmers while playfully striking a pose with one another. This is just one of the many things about summer that Nestich looks forward to once the spring semester ends.

As the semester comes to a close, students one by one finish their final exams, write their last papers, pack up their bags and say goodbye to their friends to go back home; that’s when summer truly begins for Roosevelt University students. And plans are starting to be arranged by students as we head into the final weeks of school.

Some students will be having fun in the sun, hanging out with friends and eating their favorites foods and snacks. Riley Landenberger, junior integrated marketing communications major, said that her favorite thing to do in the summer is to eat some cold, creamy, ice cream at a shop called Dairyhaus. “It’s delicious. I get a Mounds Bar. It’s coconut ice cream with dark chocolate chips,” said Landenberger.

Other students will be using the time to get some classes out of the way and earn some extra money. The three month break that the summer provides allows for many students to take on summer jobs to earn some money to save or spend on summer activities. Freshman biology major Kaily Branch and freshman biochemistry major McKayla Bowen both plan to take chemistry over the summer to get those lab credits under their belts. Branch also plans to work back at home at her local Target, hoping to earn some money in the free time that she has.

Freshman biology major Kendra Lee will also be doing something similar. “This summer, I’m working at Boys and Girls Club Summer Camp in Salem, WI, and I’m also taking a summer class. I’m either taking calc or LIBS, but, to be determined.,” Lee said. Adrianne Parker, early childhood education major, will also take on a summer job, planning to work for the Chicago Park District.

Junior media studies major Jesse Heidenreich said, “This summer, I’ll probably continue to work at Starbucks full-time then travel in my free time. I went to Michigan in February, I’ll probably go back in the summer when there’s better weather. I was thinking of taking a trip maybe to Colorado. I have never been that far west before. I like how in the summer, there’s sort of less responsibility.”

Chicago’s not looking to be on track for great weather this summer, so a few students at Roosevelt University would rather enjoy the summer outside of Chicago. It sure does seem reasonable as the weather in Chicago is anything but.

Sakinah Fielder, senior media communications major, said, “I’m going to take some trips. I’m going to have a great time in the summer. Living in Illinois, we have to deal with terrible weather 90 percent of the time. So for the summer, I’m going to have some fun in Chicago but mainly outside of Chicago,” Fielder said.

Junior media studies major Luz Medina also plans on spending a portion of her summer outside of Chicago. “At the end of May, I’m going on a road trip, to Michigan with my friends I’m staying in Mackinaw City, it’s like a six-hour drive…I’m also going to celebrate my 21st birthday. I like the hot weather, I like being tan, sleeping in,” Medina said expressing what she enjoyed about the summer.

Wherever this summer takes students from Roosevelt University, they better believe they will enjoy it to their fullest as they have earned it through a spring semester of hard work and dedication. Summer will lift the stress finals brought upon students and will finally get the time to relax and enjoy themselves. For those taking summer classes best of luck. For the others returning until the fall semester Roosevelt will await with much anticipation as the student body is what gives the campus life.

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