Shazam: DCEU’s First Good Movie

Andrea Lee
Staff Reporter

Zachary Levi is your new favorite superhero. Credits to Warner Bros.

After 11 years of waiting, DC has finally released a movie that can hold a candle to “The Dark Knight.”

It is funnier than what “Aquaman” was trying to be. More moving than what “Wonder Woman” was trying to be too. It had a better soundtrack than “Suicide Squad.” It even had a better superhero crew than “Justice League.” It was, without a doubt, better than whatever the heck “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was trying to be.

As a die-hard Marvel fan, I never thought that I would like a DC film this much or that they would be able to release a movie quite like this one. The movie in question is called “Shazam!”

“Shazam!” is the seventh movie in the DC Extended Universe. The film follows 14-year-old Billy Batson as he not only navigates a new foster home, but also god-like powers granted from a dying wizard. Throughout the movie, Billy learns the true meaning of family and what it really means to be a hero.

It has been debated if “Wonder Woman” was the only film DC has gotten right since “The Dark Knight” because of its message of female empowerment and the way the actors portrayed this. The film was praised for having fleshed out female characters who will inspire young girls. The issue with “Wonder Woman” is that they also go against what they are trying to stand for. They portrayed “Wonder Woman’ as a sexualized being who’s only motivated by love rather than a hero that actually wants to protect people.

Before I saw “Shazam!,” I thought I agreed with that statement, but this movie blows it out of the water. “Shazam!” does a better job at showing the development of relationships of the characters by showing such a realistic family dynamic that makes you understand what is really at stake when the hero’s loved ones are at danger. “Wonder Woman” lacked the real villain that any comic book story needs to be amazing.

The villain in this movie does a great job displaying their true motives and their plan does not seem too far fetched. You almost relate to the villain because of what he went through and you have an inner conflict when you want him to succeed but then you see him throw innocent people out of a window and instantly root for Shazam again. The origin story of the villain flows perfectly with the rest of the movie.

This movie accomplished what even Marvel has had a hard time doing by displaying who is the stronger of the two when it comes to the hero and the villain. You know from the start that “Shazam!” is the stronger than the villain he is facing from the start so it always makes sense when he has the upper hand.

“Shazam!” truly pulled at the heartstrings of viewers with its themes of family. The actors that play the Vasquez parents, Cooper Andrews and Marta Milans, show true emotion when talking about how they feel about their kids and the love they already have for Billy makes it almost feel like it is not a superhero movie. Jack Dylan Grazer does an outstanding job of portraying what any comic book fan would be like if they really lived in a world with superheroes. The lead actors, Zachary Levi, and Asher Angel, both played Billy/Shazam, in such a seamless way that there does not seem to be a gap between the two different actors playing one person.

Do not get me wrong though, every movie has its flaws, and “Shazam!” is no different. The main problem in this movie is the cause of DC doing what it does best; having to push back their movies’ release date. From the very start, you can tell that this movie was meant to be released in the month of December with the stories time frame taking place during Christmas time.

This movie has critics and audiences in agreement with a 90 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. “Shazam!” is the perfect film to watch if you are a comic book fan and or if you have five dollars to spare on a Tuesday.

9 out of 10 Torches

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