Professors & Texting – Satire

Richard L. Figueroa
Staff Reporter

Have you ever stopped and looked around your classroom while the professor lectures? You’ll notice no one is even paying attention to the lecture. There are those that are on their phones texting under the table as if they were still in high school. Then there are the bold ones, who don’t mind and do it over the table, followed by the ones who are on their laptops surfing the web either online shopping or using Facebook messenger.

For the most part, professors don’t call you out on your lack of attention unless they’re really strict. At the beginning of the school year, they’ll read the class syllabus and say they won’t tolerate texting. Then, soon enough, you’ll realize you can get away with it and it becomes a habit to text and not pay attention in class.

“I honestly don’t give a rats a** what those millennials do. If they want to text or have a full course meal in class so be it. They are paying thousands of dollars to sit in my class and I think they should be able to do as they wish. As long as I still feel a level of respect I’m cool with it. As long as I’m getting paid there’s no problem whatsoever,” History Professor Francisco Villa said.

Although not all professors feel the same. A CCPA student in Dr. Terrence Fletcher’s jazz ensemble recounts what happened in class, “I was in class last week and I decided to reply to a text. Dr. Fletcher caught me texting and stopped my classmates solo.He demanded me that I hand him my phone. I didn’t fight it, but next thing you know it he walked over to the window, opened it up and threw it out. We’re on the 7th floor of the Auditorium. He’s insane!” the student said. “Dr. Fletcher then said, ‘I will not tolerate disrespect towards myself or any of our peers.’ I’m expecting an apology and a new iPhone.”

As you can see, one should text in class at their own risk. Get to know your professor before you start to grind their gears.

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