Top Five Bakeries in Chicago

By Andrea Lee
Staff Reporter

Chicago is not only the perfect place to find amazing new restaurants, but it’s also a great place to find the best place to indulge your sweet side. With tons of bakeries to choose from that you can’t find outside of Illinois, why go anywhere else?

1. Alliance Bakery

Alliance bakery opened its doors four and a half years ago in Wicker Park, where they make all of their products in house, and later opened its daughter company on State Street. It was opened by Chef Peter Rios after working in some of Chicago’s Premiere Hotels. This award-winning bakery is known for its raspberry macaroons and their cakes. Not only do their desserts both taste and look amazing, but the bakery also has a great aesthetic with warm lighting, bringing a relaxing and a cozy vibe that makes for the perfect place to go with your friends and family.

2. Sugar Bliss

If you are looking to support not only great products but also a woman-owned business, this is the place for you. Teresa Ging opened her award-winning bakery on 115 N. Wabash Avenue in 2009 and a second location a few years later on 122 S. Wabash. This bakery has macaroons with the perfect crispy texture that aren’t too sweet and their brownies take your mind to a warm happy place. This bakery has a great variety of tasty options including savory crepes perfect for lunch and gluten free options. Some real standout desserts from this bakery are definitely their s’mores brownies, rice krispie treats and cake pops. This bakery also has fun events like tea time and a Mother’s Day event.

3. Goddess and the Baker

When you first enter this bakery you come face to face with eye-catching desserts and cool tones that bring a calming feeling. This bakery is filled with different coffee drinks that pack a good punch of caffeine with just the right amount of sweetness. The bakery was created off the success of its predecessor, Goddess and the Grocer, a sandwich shop in Bucktown. Goddess and the Baker is not just filled with a variety of yummy desserts but is also the perfect spot for brunch, with their stand out caprese omelette. This bakery keeps up with food trends with their menu items like avocado toast and eye-catching cake designs that you will for sure want to post on Instagram.

4. Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter

Nestled on East Walton Street where it has been for nearly ten years, Hendrickx offers artisanal Belgian style desserts. This bakery has the homey feel of your grandma’s kitchen and will bring you a warm feeling. Hendrickx offers a wide variety of cakes and different types of breads. What makes them stand them apart from the rest are their croissants. They offer 13 different types of croissants, making them the bakery with the largest selection in Chicago. They are also the only bakery in the city to make their croissants by hand.

5. La Boulangerie

After being trained in Paris, Chef Vincent moved to Chicago and opened his restaurant in 2006 and, following, his bakery known for savory crepes, pastries and bread. They have three locations in Chicago including a food truck. Not only can you get traditional French desserts, you can also learn how to make them yourself at their restaurant, giving you the opportunity to make a little slice of happiness whenever you want.

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