Residents React to Single Room Prices Dropping

Andrea Lee, Abigail Bovard, Reyna Estrada
Staff Reporters

Graphic made by Zac Wright.

There are many new changes in store for on campus housing for the upcoming 2019-20 academic year. Starting next semester, the price of single rooms will decrease to $9,975, bringing the price closer to the cost of a double bedroom at $9,412. This is a significant decrease in the price for single bedrooms, saving students $3,000.

This news has been extremely helpful for some students, expanding the opportunity to live in a single bedroom. Paige MacGillis, freshman, vocal performance and music education major, said she is planning on moving into a single room next semester due to the decrease in price. MacGillis said that although she has enjoyed her time living with a roommate, she said she is excited to have a room to herself.

“Now I can finally have my own space, where if I need to take some time for me, I can do that. Sometimes you don’t get that opportunity in a double, when there’s somebody who’s there all the time,” MacGillis said.

This decrease in price has also benefited those who have had singles in the past. Taylor Hopson, sophomore criminal justice major, currently occupies a single room. Hopson said she plans on living in a single room again next semester. “I had to take out a second loan this semester just for housing. So, It relieved me when I got that email, because I was thinking about doing a double next semester and I’m glad that I don’t have to,” Hopson said.

Additionally, some students felt that the price tag attached to a single bedroom just wasn’t worth it. Courtney Laporta, integrated marketing and communications major said that, originally, it wasn’t worth the price. “I think they were a little overpriced just because of the size and the living situation so I think it was good that they lowered it,” Laporta said.

While $9,975 can still be quite a lot for some students to pay each year, a $3,000 decrease may still seem pretty appealing for some students. Yazmin Segura, psychology major, was planning on living off campus for the 2019-2020 school year until she saw the single room price drop. “I was definitely satisfied, but it’s still a little much. But what can you do?” Segura said.

For students who have lived in a single in the past, the price drop came out of nowhere. These students had to pay $3,000 more to live in their dorms than those who will live in singles in the 2019-20 year.

Freshman hospitality major, Yaasmeen Kidd, said she assumed that the school made this decision in order to get more people to rent rooms and make more money. “I don’t feel I need to be refunded. It was my choice to get a single this school year and to pay the $12,000 and I’m over this whole Roosevelt situation,” Kidd said.

Sophomore psychology major Maggie Vasha lived in a single dorm this past year and feels that the price drop is good for some students, but feels as if the school should be held responsible in providing a refund for students who live in singles this year. “It’s so expensive and they don’t realize it. It’s ridiculous. I want a refund, or some sort of it,” Vasha said.

The Torch tried to reach out to residence life about the the prices of singles and if students would receive a refund of the difference, but Residence Life declined to comment.

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