In Defense of Roosevelt University

Darlene Leal
Staff Reporter

Roosevelt University Chicago campus entrance. Photo provided by RU.

I’m an expert at transferring schools. Since grade school, I’ve attended seven schools, three of those being different colleges, and by far, Roosevelt University has been my favorite.

I’ve recently heard and seen a lot of students address wanting to leave Roosevelt University, and I cannot fathom why. Out of all of my school experiences, Roosevelt has been the most delightful.

The transfer process here was a breeze for me. Despite the nightmares many tell about financial aid, the office has been pretty easy going for me. Although it’s a person to person basis, I’ve never had issues. Whenever I had questions, they provided answers quickly. The same deal goes with admissions. RU accepted most of my credits, unlike my previous school.

My main priority is academics and my education. Every class I’ve had is small which allows the teachers to communicate easily with students. There is a balance of students where I don’t feel overshadowed or overcrowded.

I’ve also had extremely positive and encouraging professors. They’ve been nothing but helpful and have pushed me into the direction of joining my first ever organization, the Torch.

Since high school, I’ve always considered joining a club, but being an extreme introvert, I’ve always found an excuse to not join anything. It was in my second semester at Roosevelt that a professor pushed me to pursue adding journalism as my minor, and with that came me pursuing a position on the Torch.

Through pursuing journalism, I’ve also been able to break out of my introverted shell. I’m not saying by any means that I’m now an extrovert, but I’m now able to push myself to approach someone in order to accomplish what I need in order to succeed. If I need to do an interview, for class or for the Torch, I’m now able to approach a stranger or student to get that done. That is something I would’ve never been able to do a few years ago. That progress only came with the help of a professor, joining the Torch and pursuing journalism.

Granted, I’m a more introverted student so I don’t rely on my university to provide entertainment for me. I don’t personally care that RU doesn’t throw the biggest events, but I will say the ones I’ve attended have either been educational or fun, such as the drag shows organized by the school. To reiterate, this is not a priority for me, so I cannot relate to that complaint, but I do believe RU would throw more events if students actually attended and showed enthusiasm.

Roosevelt also has a lot of resources for the students to make the most of. They are constantly encouraging their students to pursue internships. RU throws a lot of career based panels to help students make connections and find their true niche.

I love the location of Roosevelt. There is an amazing view, but there is also accessibility to almost anywhere I need to go. For example, my current job is a simple bus ride away which has allowed me to easily be a full time student.

As a senior who is soon to graduate, I can honestly say RU has been great to me and my time thus far has been enjoyable. Mostly everyone I’ve encountered has been amicable, the teachers are fantastic and it’s been an overall great learning experience.

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