CCPA-Only Elevator Being Built After Numerous Complaints

By Ayumi Davis
Staff Reporter

“I can’t do it anymore, the singing at all times in a small, cramped space. It’s too much.” This was only one of the many complaints that flooded the Residence Life office located on the 14th floor.

For the past few months, Residence Life has communicated these mounting complaints against the CCPA students to the school, and the school has finally answered with a solution, to build an elevator specifically for CCPA students in the Wabash building.

For as long as students can remember, hearing and watching the CCPA students sing, dance and energetically talk on the elevators and hallways has been the norm. In the beginning, it was fun and interesting, hearing the musical numbers being belted out and all their infectious joy. But at nine in the morning in a cramped elevator, when one has just woken up and is rushing to class, those energetic voices are not for all.

Many students voiced their opinions, some saying they understand, others just wishing they would “tone it down.”

“Sometimes it’s fun and you bob your head a little, but late at night or in the elevator where you’re in a cramped, metal box, it can get a little too loud. It’s just a matter of time and place, you know? Plus, it’s a small space, and they sometimes move around a lot, and it’s not like I can really move anywhere,” said Hannah Harden, sophomore, English major.

Another student, Jimmy Jenkins, sophomore, business major, said, “I just want to be able to go down to my class in peace, it’s loud singing and gossiping and just plain talking as soon as CCPA comes in the elevator.”

For the CCPA students, they said it was of having fun and just being themselves. “We sing because it’s fun and the acoustics in the elevator are great,” exclaimed Winston Williams, freshman, musical theatre major.

Another student, Beatrice Barton, a junior dance major said, “I just naturally have a loud voice and if I see my friends on the elevator, it’s not like I’m not going to say ‘hi.’ We also just get caught up in the heat of the moment and we can’t help but sing. You just got to feel the moment.”

As the semester goes along, complaints are gradually beginning to mount at the office of Residence Life. “Near midterms and final exams are the worst. Every other time, you hear students walk past the office sometimes grumbling about it, but around exam times, holy cow, people get annoyed,” said Gordon Graham, an RA.

Plans to develop the CCPA-only elevator is still in the preliminary stages. The university is still trying to figure out where to put this elevator. “It’s in the beginning processes, but now that it’s in motion, students can rest assured that their days of loudness can be over soon in the near future. We’re still not quite sure where to put the elevator, but it’s whatever,” said Nolan Newman, administration part of the CCPA Elevator Committee.

It’s said to be only for CCPA students and that they cannot ride any other elevators when venturing to the first through 14th floors. What’s special about this elevator is that it would be soundproofed. “No one can hear them, and they can sing whatever they want to their heart’s content. Or talk loudly at the top of their lungs at eight in the morning. As long as I don’t have to hear it,” said Lionel Leeman, junior, biology major.

Surprisingly, both Roosevelt and CCPA students were excited to hear the news. Both voiced similar opinions. Harden said, “I think it’s a good solution for both groups. There’s more elevators, so that should make the elevators somewhat less crowded in the Wabash Building.”

Williams voiced similar thoughts. “I think this is a great move from Roosevelt. I can sing as loud as I want, we can talk as loud as we want, and don’t have to see anyone staring at us because we’re too loud for them or see someone rolling their eyes. It’s great,” Williams said.

Other CCPA students complained about how they would have a lack of elevators. “I mean that’s cool and all, but what if this elevator is slow? And we only get one? There’s multiple people coming through, and I’m not trying to be late to class,” Barton said.

Janet Jacoby, sophomore, musical theatre major, simply said, “I just think this is super extra.”

Administration has explained that due to the ratio of CCPA students to other Roosevelt students, that there should be minimal problems with the new moves for the exclusive elevator.

“It should work out just fine. All they really need it for is to go down to the cafeteria or to the Auditorium Building, since they have very little classes in the Wabash Building,” Newman said. “And to be honest, the other elevators aren’t that fast anyway, so it shouldn’t be any different from riding any of the other elevators.”

Whatever the case, the CCPA-only elevator is being built, so look for it next semester.

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