Why I Will Never Get Vaccinated

Abigail Bovard
Staff Reporter

Please vaccinate your children.

There is no denying that diseases such as polio and the measles are extremely scary. Yet, the use of vaccines for such diseases has gotten completely out of hand. With all of the evidence that vaccines cause more harm than good, it shocks me that people are still getting vaccinations, and request that others follow suit.

Recently, there has been a witch hunt online to criticize everyone who has decided to not get vaccinations. It is scary to see people who think vaccinations are okay. Vaccinations are extremely dangerous. They cause people to get extremely sick. The DTaP and MMR vaccines have been proven to cause serious side effects in children, such as seizures and permanent brain damage. Not to mention, the flu shot does not work. People end up getting sick anyway.

I have never been vaccinated, yet, I am completely fine. Children across the world are suffering from the consequences of getting vaccinated while big pharma is pocketing the money. The CDC recommended that people get vaccinations so big pharma can make money off of them. Then the vaccines make people sick, so big pharma can make even more money.

There are so many toxic ingredients in vaccines that should never enter anyone’s body. Many vaccines contain harmful ingredients such as mercury and aluminum. It is so much better to live a completely natural life, the human body’s natural immune system is strong enough to fight off diseases. There is a reason that all of these diseases are basically gone. No one has had smallpox because our immune systems are just naturally that good. Even the Black Plague went away naturally without a vaccine. Essential oils are so great when it comes to sickness. It makes it go away naturally.

I have seen a lot of talk on the internet that children who are vaccinated will die young, yet, here I am. Alive and well. I have never been sick a day in my life. All I do is use essential oils and drink orange juice and I’ve never gotten the chickenpox vaccine and I have never had the chickenpox. I’ve never gotten the meningitis vaccine and I have never had meningitis.

I always hear people talking about how they got the flu shot and ended up getting sick anyway. That’s because big pharma is injecting everyone who gets the flu shot with the flu. There is a simple way to avoid getting sick: do not get the vaccinations. Everyone I know who has never gotten vaccinated are completely fine. Yet, it is everyone with their vaccinations that keep getting sick.

I will never understand why people are so crazy about what other people do with their bodies. If I do not want vaccines, how does that affect someone else? It does not. If I do not get a disease injected into my body, it will never hurt anyone else. Everyone needs to let people do their own things with their bodies. The government and even schools should stay out of everyone’s business. If I do not want vaccines, that is up to me. It is not up to what school I go to.

People who decide to get vaccinations are doing so much harm to their bodies. I hope there comes a day that vaccinations are no longer a thing and we just let nature take its natural course. The human body is a beautiful thing and should not be messed with. Our immune systems are more powerful than pro-vaxers care to admit. I am forever grateful my parents decided not to pump my body full of toxins, and I will choose to do the same thing with my children.

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2 replies

  1. Was this meant to be satire? The Black Plague literally killed a third of Europe…

  2. You are right. The global medical profession have gone mad.
    Improve natural immunity NOT more and more vaccines.
    It just occurred to me today that the use of the word”herd immunity”, sounds like big pharma laughing at the populace. “Herd”, cattle, compliant walking profit machines.

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