Top 10 Movies Where the Dog Dies

By Ayumi Davis
Staff Reporter

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Dogs. I love dogs. You love dogs. Everyone pretty much loves dogs. I mean, they’re dubbed as man’s best friend. So, we see them in movies a lot. But, when they die? Tears. I’m talking ugly sobbing, clutching the tissue box for dear life, snot dripping tears, but that’s the best part. And I need that. And you probably (definitely) need that. So, in light of that, here are the top 10 movies where the dog dies. Enjoy.

Rating Scale: Sniffler (lowest)-Full On Sobbing, Hot Mess (Highest)

10. “All Dogs Go to Heaven “            

To start off, the main dog Charlie is already dead when the movie starts, which makes it easy right off the bat. But we see him come back to life to avenge his life, and he eventually makes his way back to heaven. But, in the end, he’s still dead (and he was murdered), so there are a few sniffles.

Rating: Sniffler

9. “The Thing”            

If we’re going into horror movies, everyone knows that if there’s a dog, it’s likely not going to live. What “The Thing” has got going for it is that there are multiple dog deaths, all for audiences to feel that lovely pain of seeing a dog die on screen over and over and over. And not just in your old-fashioned, euthanized from old age or something like that, but like alien body invasion, grotesque kind of deaths. It’s sure to fulfill your need for some dog deaths.

Rating: Watching Between your Fingers

8. “A Dog’s Purpose”            

Multiple times. The main dog Bailey dies MULTIPLE TIMES. This will also definitely fulfill your need for a good cry. It’s all about a dog named Bailey who lives multiple lives, gaining a deep, strong bond with the owner for each life. Only for them to part again once the dog dies. Again, perfect for a day of puffy eyes and a stuffy nose.

Rating: Throat-Clearing and some Eye Rubbing

7. “Eight Below”      

        The movie follows a guide and his journey with a doctor on a science expedition in Antarctica. They take this journey by dog sled and end up getting caught in a winter storm. Through trials and tribulations of the cold, the humans are evacuated, and the dogs, sadly, are left behind to be picked up later. But, they are not able to be picked up and, thus, their story of surviving out there in the open is told. Out of the eight dogs, two of them die, which is perfect for your need for a good dog death. It’s sure enough to get those tear ducts working as you see the numbers of the dogs dwindle.

Rating: Singular Tear Roll, Eye-Fanning

6. “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”            

The story of Hachi is a classic. It’s based on the story of the Shiba Inu who would wait everyday in front of Shibuya station in Tokyo for its owner, going home once his owner comes so they could go home together. One day, the owner got sick and died, but Hachi kept waiting in front of the station for the owner, despite other peoples protests and tries to make him leave. Eventually, the loyal dog dies waiting for his owner. The storyline of the movie is pretty similar, and the scene of Hachi dying waiting, GOLDEN for heartache. The added bonuses are that Hachi is alone in the cold and you can see him slowly blink his eyes for the last time, giving that extra oomph to his death scene.

Rating: Repressed Tears, Blurry Vision

5. “Old Yeller”                 

The movie is a classic, the best part of it being the death of Old Yeller. Old Yeller is befriended by Travis, the oldest son of the family. They grow up together, becoming the closest they can be, until a tragedy befalls them when Old Yeller is bit by a rabid wolf while protecting Travis. You can imagine what happens to Old Yeller and the family has to put him down, Travis deciding to do it. The look in Travis’ eyes, seeing the shotgun pointed, and the loud bang that follows after is sure to make Old Yeller’s death scene worth watching. The kicker is Travis insists on shooting Old Yeller himself, which is sure to get you hard in the feels.

Rating: Coughing Cover Up, Something in your Eyes

4. “Where the Red Fern Grows”           

The premise of the movie is a little boy who wishes for hunting dogs, so he works hard and eventually buys two, who he names Little Ann and Old Dan. They roam the Ozark Mountains together and chase for the elusive “wily raccoon.” They eventually face danger and in the following events, both dogs end up dying, one from injuries and the other, heartache. This one is awesome for those who want that inevitable gut punch from not just one, but two dogs dying, and the fact that ones dies of pure heartache.

Rating: Loud Sniffling, One Tissue needed

3. “My Dog Skip”             

An adult, Willie Morris, looks back on how his childhood was deeply affected by his dog named Skip. Skip helped Willie out with bullies, friends and even a girlfriend. They have their scares, but they remain friends strong and true until the end. The ending of the film is Skip’s death scene, which is just brutal, and thus, a perfect way to end the movie. With Willie’s voiceover in Skip’s last moments, it really brings home the end for Skip. What really adds to the scene to make this death one of the best, is the way Skip struggles to climb onto Willie’s bed, and thus making it his dying place.

Rating: Silent Crying

2. “I Am Legend”             

The movie has Will Smith in it, who’s a brilliant actor and also has starred in many other tear-jerking movies. This one is no different. Smith plays Lt. Col. Robert Neville living in a world of infected humans-turned-monsters with his dog Sam in search of a cure. Things get hairy and Sam gets infected, leaving Neville to put her down. He has to strangle her to death and does so while crying, so it’s the perfect movie for a good cry. Maybe go find your dog and hug them real hard to appreciate them a little.

Rating: Clutching the Tissue Box

1. “Marley & Me”           

We all know what happens at the end. That’s what makes this one the best, the cherry on top. There’s the buildup with seeing Marley and Owen Wilson go through antics and fun times starting as a puppy. You see their relationship as they get older and older, until one day, Marley gets sick. You know it’s coming, but you just can’t help but have the tears build and let them pour down your face. It’s so predictable, but that’s what adds to making the scene in “Marley & Me” the best dog death scene.

Rating: Hot Mess, Mascara running down cheeks

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