The Tattoo that Will Save Thousands

Darlene Leal
Staff Reporter

Photo posted by RU student on Twitter that went viral.

RU has recently realized that their tuition cost has brought great turmoil to their recent graduates, so financial aid and admissions came together and created a solution: a new scholarship.

RU has had some recent hardships keeping retention rates high, so the team came up with the perfect way to help the first 25 students that applied for the “Help RU Help You with a Tattoo” scholarship.

It is an agreement between the recently graduated student, or students that are months away from walking the big stage, to advertise on their forehead their RU pride. They would have to get professionally tattooed at the school’s chosen studio and get, in big traditional RU green, the words, “Proud Roosevelt University Alumni.”

The lucky winners of Spring 2019 have already been picked, and all of them but one are excited to leave the school debt free.

“See, this takes away any stress I had about having to pay this off. Like, it’s just my face,” said senior English major Junie B. Jones, nonchalantly.

Jones continued, “Realistically, when I tell everyone how easily I got out of paying off my debt, I know they’ll look over the fact that I’ll have this green tattoo on my forehead forever.”

Political science major, Connie O’ Connells, also had thoughts on the situation. “It’s crazy that paying off my entire debt was even an option like this but when you have a chance you take it. I know once I start my political career things might get tricky with this,” she said, pointing at her newly inked forehead. It was just as stated, an obnoxious lime green with black bold lining. Some lines were even a little crooked, but it was there forever. O’ Connells shrugged and headed to the cafeteria where she received several stares from unaware students.

Tattoo enthusiast and international studies major, Karen B. Smith was excited to have been one of the few to have received the opportunity. “Honestly, I don’t even care that this is going to be front and center. I just love getting tatted, and being debt free is just a plus,” Smith said.

Smith added, “I actually really like Roosevelt, so I don’t mind almost being a walking billboard for them. I’m not sure if that was their intentions for us, but it seems like a fair trade off. We have no debt, and they have consistent advertising.”

Smith hit it right on the money. This was in hopes of reaching out to potential students, and if it didn’t hit the students, it definitely hit the news. Buzzfeed and Twitter got the newly awarded scholarship trending after O’ Connells posted a photo on her twitter discussing the new addition to her forehead.

There was a lot of mixed reactions. A few people said the idea was completely radical and unfair to the students while others praised the student for ridding themselves of their debt early on.

Regardless of the reactions, RU created a stir, and now everyone is talking about their new scholarship. The admissions team said there was a recent spike of applications and they do believe it is because of their recent news coverage.

The scholarship seems to be a positive change for both RU and their students. The admissions team and financial aid said they were willing to continue this scholarship and make it a new tradition. They were even open to extending the opportunity to 30 students a semester, excluding the summer semester.

All students spoken to encouraged students to try for the scholarship. They all came to the same conclusion: it was better than owing money even with the crooked lines and obnoxious green.

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