What to do When Living With A Member of CCPA

Andrea Lee
Staff Reporter

I want you to sit back and think about the first time you have ever watched “High School Musical” and remember your first impressions of Sharpay Evans. Now, I want you to imagine living with the real life version of her. Your younger self may think it is a dream come true, but I can assure you that it is a nightmare handcrafted by the devil himself.

With room selection well on its way, that is if you can even get a room, you may have noticed that you are going to be rooming with a member of CCPA whether planned or random selection. Unless they belong to the music conservatory, you have made a grave mistake. But don’t you worry. I am here to warn you about everything they do that will without a doubt make you wish you would have chosen that single room.

As with all aspiring actors, the members of the theater conservatory are the product of rich parents telling their kids “You’re doing great, sweetie,” a little bit too much. When you room with one be ready for them to expect you to kiss their a** when they do so much as not hit a flat note or are able to memorize their two lines in a school production.

Be ready to become their best friend because if you don’t acknowledge them for a second they will cry to the RA that you are bullying them. If you do mistakenly choose to have a conversation with them, do not expect to get a word in and, if you do, I promise they are not listening. Not only will you have to be their friend but you will also have to become their parent. Get ready to clean up after them, walk them to class, make sure they have their backpack and remind them to eat.

Make sure you always have your door unlocked. Their other CCPA friends like to pretend that they are living in a sitcom and will walk in unannounced whenever they want. You know it is not funny because there is not a laugh track. With all theater actors, they get extremely comfortable changing in front of others and this will now be including you. Maybe if you are lucky, your guests will subject to this as well.  

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be in “Glee,” look no further than the hallways and elevators. They are all Rachel Berrys. They sing no matter if it is 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. They sing very very loudly. When they are not being obnoxious in the elevators, you have the joy of experiencing them practicing so noisily you will probably be wondering, “How did they even get in?” The answer is because they pay $10,000 dollars more than any other student that goes here.

When they are not singing, they are damaging the very thing that allows them to sing. No, that is not skunk you’re smelling and they are not just carrying a USB drive around everywhere. If you are thinking, “Why would they smoke,” rest assured their teachers are thinking the same thing.

Now you are probably wondering if you are making the best decision by moving forward and still living with a member of the theater conservatory. My advice to you is to look out for a room change flyer.

In all honesty though, this is a hyperbolized version of what it’s like. The members of the theater conservatory can be some of the most eccentric people you will ever meet. They can be extremely loyal and talented. When you are friends with them, they are extremely generous.

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