R U Entertained? Students Run Strip Club Out of Resident Lounges

By Zachary Wright
Editor in Chief

The couches and “stage” for guests and dancers. Photo by Zachary Wright.

If you’re a Wabash resident living on the 21st Floor, you might have heard the pounding music shaking the walls and reverberating throughout the hall. “Isn’t this where the RA lives?” older residents might have asked.

But that wasn’t an overly loud dance party. Well, it was a party, just not that kind of party. “I don’t know what I was expecting,” one resident, freshman biology major Bree Johnson said. “But it definitely wasn’t that.”

Johnson said she was emptying trash in the recycling room next door. After hearing “Thotiana” by Blue Face echo throughout the recycling room, Johnson said she was curious. “So, I heard this really loud music and I was really curious what was happening. I started hearing this really loud laughter,” Johnson said.

After opening the door, Johnson said she was welcomed by questionably sticky hands, primal smells and a mix of bodies, all shirtless, women in “gaudy costumes” composed of fishnet leggings and pink halter tops all dancing under a faint, dim red light.

“I was in shock. I was just… at a loss of words,” Johnson said, wiping her hand against the desk.

Chris Sanders, junior business major and baseball player, said the “club just sort of happened.” Sanders said he and his friends brought a speaker to the lounge, which was renovated after relocating resident advisors due to laughably low resident numbers. “We brought a pack of beer, a few bottles and a couple of shot glasses, you know, just typical Friday night things.”

Guests are charged a door fee of 30 Wabash Bucks, which is worth approximately 50 cents USD, a half-full pod of vape juice and a few pieces of dust. “We try to operate this like a legitimate business,” Sanders’ partner, Josh “Slick” Green said. “Like, we try to keep it about 75 percent female, 35 percent male. We also offer things like bottle service and if guests are willing to pay more, they can use the private room.”

Green said so far, the club has not had an incident. “After what happened last year, we try to be careful,” Green said, who chose not to specify what he referred to.

One dancer, Sinnamon Sticks (stage name), said she is not sure if will continue dancing for the club. “I mean, it’s a good starting point, but honestly, like, I’m just doing this to help pay for my musical theatre course. I also think it’s good to help your cardio without having to spend money on a gym. I really get a workout every night,” Sticks said.

Sticks took a warm can of Bud Light beer out of the mini-fridge that’s somehow coated in ice but can’t keep things cool. “Now, I’ve never had a real problem with the guests. I think they’re respectful overall. I dance over there,” Sticks said, pointing to a wood coffee table that sits low on the ground. “That’s the stage.”

Sticks walked toward the door in the room. “And this,” Sticks said, putting her hand along the silver door knob, “This is our private space if a guest wants a lap dance. There’s just a single chair there, facing the window.”

Sanders said the club has no intentions of shutting down. “We’ve gotten some threats of being shut down, but I think we’ll be here for a while. I mean, it’s my tuition money. I pay to go here, so, I can pretty much do what I want. Even then, my dad is a lawyer,” Sanders said.

As for now, it is not yet known how RU administration will respond. “It is something we should handle with caution. From what I have gathered, no one has gotten hurt, general feedback has been positive and has helped student morale, but it’s how it reflects upon the school,” a spokesperson for the office of student life said.

“There has only been one incident where we’ve had to kick someone out,” Sticks said. “He came in, sat at the stool over there at the counter and he started digging in his pocket. So, you know, I’m dancing but since I’m elevated, like higher off the ground, I watch him and he pulls out this baggy.”

Sticks said the guest allegedly tossed the bag on the counter and divided it up using his student ID. “I told everyone I was going to take a break and I walk towards Chris. I said, ‘Is he invisible? Or am I invisible? Uh uh, you need to get him up on out of here.”

“I said this man has a serious problem,” Sticks said. “He’s over here, thinking he’s Wonder Woman, invisible like he pulled up in his invisible cloak, with his invisible nose and walking in and out of the bathroom like no one could see him. We were all looking like, shocked. Chris told Green you need to get him out of here. There’s customers and guests here. He just can’t be sniffing powdered donuts and booger sugar like this. That was the only alarming incident we’ve had,” Sticks said.

The incident has influenced the office to consider closing. “That is one concern we’ve had. We tried to get in contact with him and as everyone knows, this isn’t the first time our students have succumbed to something like this. But, it has influenced about whether or not we should shut it down,” the spokesperson said, noting they have armed RU security guards strapped up “just in case.”

Sanders said until that happens, they’ll continue operating the club in what students dubbed “the sex lounge” on floor 21.

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