RU Still Planning on Transferring?

Jordan Geriane
Staff Reporter

Photo courtesy of Roosevelt University.

Last semester, it was discovered that students were already second-guessing their decision to come to Roosevelt after only a few months into the 2018 fall semester. Now that the year has delved itself further into second semester, and preparations for the new school year are currently underway, potential transferees are voicing their decisions and reasons as to why they are leaving Roosevelt.

Freshman hospitality and tourism management major Yaasmeen Kidd was interviewed last semester regarding the number of students who wanted to transfer from the school.

“I have been thinking about leaving for awhile,” Kidd said. “Now that we are further in the year, it has gotten worse because I am so anxious to leave and start a new school.”

However, while Kidd admits Roosevelt is a good school, it just is not the right fit. “Although I wanted to go to a small school, I think RU is just too small for me. The school has a large percentage of CCPA students and that made it hard for me to relate to the student body.”

Next fall, Kidd is hoping to attend either Georgia State University or Savannah State University, both of which have a significantly higher enrollment on their campuses.

Many of the students who plan on transferring out of Roosevelt point out the weaknesses present in the school. One student, Maribel Alvar, a freshman majoring in cyber security and computer science, said that the school lacks a good and competitive program for those fields.

“I thought about transferring for a while,” Alvar said. “I realized that they hype it up but the program is lacking a lot of essential content.”

Roosevelt is well equipped in its admissions office and advertises the institution very well.

Musical theatre conservatory major Baris Loberg was another student who contributed to last semester’s transfer article. Loberg stated that last semester he planned on applying to Columbia College for comedic writing and performance, but after some thinking, he said he realized that he did not want to quickly jump into something that might not work out.

“I decided that I am going to stay in Chicago, work, make music and figure out exactly what I want to do,” Loberg said. “I feel like I have lost the love that I once had for musical theater.”

In congruence with Kidd, Loberg attested that Roosevelt is actually a pretty good school and the theater program is great. However, he said that Roosevelt as a whole is starting to fall apart and definitely could use some improvements regarding handling money, especially considering the fact that there are not enough resources for him to have access to such things as a music studio.

While a few of these students agree that Roosevelt does well academically, Yamili Guzman, a real estate and finance major, said Roosevelt’s student involvement and social life are quite dry. “There isn’t much to do,” Guzman said.

Guzman added that she isn’t having much fun here as she expected. “In terms of school life, there isn’t much going on as in activities, clubs or social gatherings. Don’t get me wrong, there are things to do but just not as many as other universities, there really isn’t much to do here,” Guzman said.

Another student, sophomore Bailey Gordon, has been thinking of leaving since the end of the 2018 spring semester. “It’s primarily because of how expensive the school is, and the fact that I don’t feel like I’m learning anything here anymore,” Gordon said.

Gordon is a jazz guitar major in the music conservatory and believes that the little he is learning isn’t worth how much they charge for tuition here, “specifically CCPA with their higher tuition rate.”

The music and theatre conservatories both hold higher tuition rates than a typical undergraduate student in the college of arts and sciences by almost $10,000 dollars more. According to the Roosevelt University website, the tuition for a college of arts and science student in the 2019-2020 academic year (excluding room and board and other expenses) stands at $30,876 dollars, while a student in either the music or theatre conservatory will see their sticker price at $39,160 dollars.

Overall, there is quite a handful of students who wish to transfer out of Roosevelt. Whether it be due to the size of the school, the social life or the price tag, students are able to find at least one thing that does not satisfy their education and college experience. While we’ve followed up with students, one thing has become certain. While some intend to stay, some have not changed their minds about leaving.

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