The Professional Mentoring Program is Back for the 2019-2020 Year

Ayumi Davis
Staff Reporter

Roosevelt University Professional Mentoring Program once again opened its applications to the students.

The program was brought to Roosevelt by President Ali, and has successfully been running for three years. Roosevelt students are matched with mentors to help them with life essential skills to prepare them for career, whether it be advice, specific job skills, interviewing techniques and such.

“This program connects current Roosevelt students to working or retired professionals in their field of interest. Students complete at intake and we match them with a mentor we think will benefit them the most in their interests and traits. This criteria can include major, career path of interest, and involvement in the community,” said Erin O’Neill, an academic advisor at Roosevelt.

Ioana Ardelean, a current mentee of the program and graduate student, explains why she joined. “I decided to join the Mentorship Program to get guidance on my career decisions from a seasoned professional,” Ardelean said. “I truly believe everybody should have at least one mentor that represents the person they want to become or that has learning they would like to acquire.” Ardelean went on to say that students should not pass up on a free opportunity like this. “I have actually paid for coaching and mentorship during my career and received tremendous benefit from that. Because of that, I would not have passed on the opportunity to be paired up with a mentor for free through the school program,” Ardelean said.

Mentors have to have a minimum of five years of experience, helping to expand the mentee’s knowledge and allow them to grow. Students meet with their mentors for at least one hour a month. In doing so, students not only gain what knowledge is passed on to them, but acquire networking skills.

O’Neill said most mentors are RU alumni. “The majority are working in the Chicago area, and need to have at least 5 years of professional experience to be considered for a mentor position. Their professions cover a wide range, in order to meet the needs of our diverse mentee population.”

Ardelean said she has had a professional mentorship with Jim Radous, president and CEO of UniCarriers Americas. “I have gained tremendous insight and total different perspective on my career questions and situations I needed guidance on,” said Ardelean. She continued saying that Radous has been open on what it takes to experience success, and that they have monthly phone calls that she can ask him any question.

Ardelean said students looking to join the program should think about what they can offer to their mentors. “You likely belong to a different generation and bring a different perspective to things, are likely more tech savvy- all of those are examples of a two way relationship. Final piece of advice: sign up for a mentor, go in it with an open heart and be ready to be amazed.”

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