Roosevelt’s SGA Preparing to Replace Graduating Executive Board

Will Dancer
Staff Reporter

As time winds down on the 2018-2019 school year, students of the graduating class prepare to move on from Roosevelt University. This includes three members from Roosevelt’s Student Government Associations (SGA) executive board.

President Brandon Glynn, Vice President Drew Wilson and Trustee Salma Lopez are all seniors this year, and all expect to graduate in three months with their respective degrees. “Moving forward into next term, we will be reelecting and replacing all of us,” President Glynn said.

The role of the SGAs executive board is to act as the voice for student concerns and the link between the student body and Roosevelt University administration. The SGA executive board participates in monthly meetings with the student senate to discuss issues regarding Roosevelt and where to allocate money and resources to satisfy student needs.

However, being that the SGA executive board consists of only four people, the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester will only have one returning member, Treasurer Leonardo Rojas. This means important titles such as president and vice president will soon be vacant, as well as various other senator positions.

In April, interested and eligible student senators will be voted upon by the current election committee to assume the open roles. Once in the roles are filled the new student senators will take on responsibilities such as; holding mandatory open office hours, speaking during Convocation and assisting with recruitment.

Current President Brandon Glynn said that they have already gotten the process underway. ‘We have taken multiple senator applications from the student involvement fair and the executive board positions are only four people… so we are looking for, at the bare minimum, three to seven more people to run for e-board positions,” Glynn said.

Noting that, “it has been many years since we’ve had a contested election,” Glynn assured that he is not concerned about the turnout and is confident the positions will be fulfilled. “We will get new senators and new e-board replacements no matter what. Every single year this happens where at the beginning of the term there is nobody because everyone’s schedules change, but by the end it always does sort itself out,” Glynn said.  

Glynn described that the difficulty of finding replacements is, “obviously a systemic issue,” Glynn mentioned that they are trying to alleviate the problem through structural changes. However, as of now, he hopes the new office hours and ability for fellow executive board members to find students will carry the SGA into next year.

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