RU Green Hopes to Grow

By Darlene Leal
Staff Reporter

RU Green introduced the new semester with a relaxing session of painting planters. The two presidents provided the soil and flowers for the attendees to choose from. Within the hour, they played music, shared laughs and passed out a small sheet with a loose schedule of events and meetings.

At the very beginning of the meeting, Vice President Sophia Gallo, sociology major, announced that one of the main focuses for the year was on the reduction of waste.

“There’s a lot of waste. So, I feel like two of our meetings will be focused on waste. We will be out picking up trash sometimes at parks and beaches. We will go to farmer’s markets for local produce,” Gallo said.

“There’s a lot of waste. So, I feel like two of our meetings will be focused on waste. We will be out picking up trash sometimes at parks and beaches. We will go to farmer’s markets for local produce,” Gallo said.

President Samantha Schultz, psychology major, said buying local and even smaller actions can make a big difference. They spoke to the group about hoping to get RU Green involved with small businesses because it is bigger companies that create more waste.

One of RU Green’s goals is to help smaller companies become more sustainable.

Schultz was previously involved in RU Green before becoming president. “I did help out on the rooftop garden a lot,” Schultz said.

She went into detail about how she previously started her own “earth club” as a child. “Prior to that though when I was really little I started my own little earth club and I would make my friends pick up garbage. The incentive was they’d get to play in my trampoline,” Schultz said.

Schultz continued by saying that the opportunity of becoming president at RU Green gives her the opportunity to continue helping out the environment.

As far as Shultz’s personal goals for RU Green, she said she hopes to educate people in becoming more sustainable at RU.

“Something more specific, we are trying to implement reusable glass containers in the cafeteria. We are trying to implement reusable take out containers in the cafeteria as well as, glass plates instead of compostable stuff,” Schultz said.

“Not only are they wasting materials, they are wasting their money too. Being environmentally friendly is an investment and I think it’s important to introduce that to student resources and get that going,” Schultz said.

Schultz said a change that has been made is accessibility to get in contact with RU Green. Schultz said they are making an effort to have more of a social presence to reach out to.

“We are trying to get more people involved cause last semester I feel like we were more on the rooftop garden versus– we want to get more people out in the community,” Schultz said.

Gallo’s goal for RU Green circled back to her focus on waste. Her goal for the year is to focus on educating students and the cafeteria on how to properly compost.

“That was one of the reasons I came to Roosevelt. They had a sign that said they got an award for being sustainable or something, but I feel like there is so much more that can be done,” Gallo said. “So for the semester, increasing involvement with students and making their lives and the school more environmentally friendly.” Gallo acknowledges RU’s attempt to be green, such as there being some sort of composting and the rooftop garden, but sees there are opportunities to be sustainable within the resident halls, and as previously mentioned in the cafeteria.

She believes there should be more composting bins in that area because students don’t only eat in the cafeteria, they also eat within their dorms.

Both Schultz and Gallo acknowledge Roosevelt for trying to be more sustainable but they see means of improvement. Schultz hope to further composting and possibly implement more refill stations for the water fountains but Schultz is aware of the investment.

Both Schultz and Gallo believed the first meeting looks promising and they hope that within the upcoming semester, and year, they will be able to reduce waste, educate people about sustainability and get involved more locally.

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