How One Tweet May Now Become the Album of the Year

By Andrea Lee
Staff Reporters

Grammy-winning artist Ariana Grande is back with what can only be described as her most personal album yet. Photo courtesy of Ariana Grande’s Instagram.

Only five and a half months after releasing her Grammy award-winning album “Sweetener,” Ariana Grande is back with her highly anticipated fifth album, “Thank U, Next” on Feb. 8.

The album’s title started as a tweet, literally, “thank u, next,” and on the same day, released the same titled single.

The album’s theme covers the struggles and rewards of relationships. It is a complete 180 from Grande’s previous album which only showed the brighter and happy points of relationships that we take for granted.
When describing this album, Grande said, “A lot of this album mourns failed yet beautiful relationships in my life.”

The album starts with a personal “imagine,” a song that would have fit perfectly with the themes of “Sweetener.” As it continues on, it goes into deeper themes of relationships that we try to hide from the world. One song, “makeup,” is about how we secretly like to pick fights with a partner. “Ghostin” hits upon a feeling everyone can relate to: missing your ex while you’re with someone else.

The album begins to wrap up with “7 rings,” celebrating friendships and shopping. The album then comes to an end with “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored,” a fun song set as a reminder to laugh no matter how hard your life gets.

The “Thank U, Next” album has the same core Ariana Grande sound with a new twist. Her new songs have her usual clean melodies and subtle tones of her new R&B-like sound welcoming for new ears while not isolating her original fans.

With whistle tones and gorgeous harmonies, this album reminds us of the powerhouse voice that made Grande a household name. The three singles released ahead of this album broke numerous records proving the world is more in love with her music than ever. Grande became the third female artist, as well as youngest, to ever achieve two number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Even within 24 hours, “Thank U, Next” broke a number of records including being the highest global debut for any female artist in every genre streamed on Apple Music. With this album, Ariana Grande has solidified her place in the music industry with record after record.

9 of 10 torches.

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