Despite Disappointing Results, “Jam the Gym” was a Slam Dunk

By Adnan Basic
Copy Editor

Photos by Alejandro Caballero.

Roosevelt University hosted its annual “Jam the Gym” basketball doubleheader at the Goodman Center on Feb. 4, and although neither team managed to pick up a win on the night, fans were able to leave the gym that night confident in the futures of both basketball programs at this school.

A night where both the women’s and men’s team feature in consecutive games, the event has been proven to be beneficial for both students and players in the past.

“These events have been great for our teams as they have been steered by various members of the Roosevelt University community inside and outside of the athletic department,” Athletic Director John Jaramillo said. “These games are also often the events that spur attendance by some RU students and staff who have been meaning to attend games but, for one reason or another, have not been able to make it.”

The event was initially scheduled for Jan. 30, but had to be cancelled after a polar vortex swept across Chicago, leaving the city frozen for two days. Once that subsided, the games and event had to be rescheduled for Feb. 4. It was still far from great weather on the new day, which limited the ability for some students to get to the game.

It would be a tough night on the court, unfortunately, as both teams fell short in their games against St. Ambrose. It would be the women’s team who featured first, but the Lakers were punished from a poor start to their game. They tried to get a comeback going for the rest of the contest, but could never get the deficit down enough to get within striking distance.

The men didn’t have much more luck when their matchup tipped off. It was just one of those nights at the office, as the Lakers were unable to just get the ball into the hoop, shooting 16 percent from three-point range. With that inability to score, Roosevelt was always playing from behind and could never really get going on any front.

However, both teams have already been able to rebound from those losses with consecutive close wins against Saint Xavier on Feb. 6. The women’s team started off the double header by defeating yet another ranked team this season. After going down early, they came back to take the lead soon after and never looked back. It was a proper team victory, with the defense holding on to the lead until the very end.

The men’s game in the nightcap saw a lot more lead changes, but senior Jake Ludwig was able to get the job done late, scoring late to give Roosevelt the lead, and the team was able to preserve the advantage until the final buzzer went off.

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