Kingdom Hearts III Returns After a Decade of Waiting

Darlene Leal
Staff Reporter

The new “Photo Mode” allows players to enjoy the game in a different way. Photo courtesy of Disney.

As a much anticipated game, Japanese game developers Square Enix had large shoes to fill when it finally released  “Kingdom Hearts III” after a decade of waiting.

Not surprising to many, it was a success. Square Enix said they shipped out five million copies the opening week, which made “Kingdom Hearts III” (KH3) the best selling game of the series.

With every Disney world Sora encounters, the player gets a combination of “Final Fantasy” and Disney. It’s nostalgic and visually stunning. Each world is much more open-ended with the ability to explore more territory. The story of every world is reminiscent of the Disney story it’s inspired by, some almost replicating the plot perfectly. Of course, the obvious, the graphics have improved immensely over the 13 year gap.

Photo courtesy of Disney.

As far as the gameplay, it is enjoyable but it seems to have taken some of the hardship off the player. Just as previous games, the player receives a new keyblade with the completion of every world but this time around the keyblade has special abilities.

The keyblade gives the party specific fighting abilities that enhance mostly the visuals. Each keyblade’s ability creates a great deal of damage but in the expense of the player. The players are now left doing less work while sitting through a pretty lengthy scene to set up this special ability.

It can get a bit tedious to sit through every keyblade transformation, but it is visually appealing to see what every specific blade does, the first time around.

“KH3” added a few new side quests. One of those quests gives Sora a phone, and the player now has the ability to take endless selfies while they search for the hidden mickeys throughout the different worlds. If the player is an avid Disneyland visitor they’d know that this is a reference to the hidden mickeys throughout Disneyland.

“KH3” also managed to add an extra character from Pixar by asking Sora to find ingredients to cook with. This plays a small part within the plot but it is a quick and enjoyable task.

Photo courtesy of Disney.

Now, the storyline of “KH3” is famous for being convoluted and complicated because there are many side games that further the story. Thankfully for newcomers, “KH3” breaks down each characters’ importance and the overall plot, but for people who have been waiting 13 years for the game it can be a repetitive.

Overall experience for a veteran player? It was enjoyable to return to a series that was long awaited. The game is fun and was worth the wait.

8/10 Torches

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