‘Becoming’ Should Be Included in Your Winter Break Reading List

by Darlene Leal (Staff Reporter)

Michelle Obama’s memoir strips her image of the “First Lady” and levels her as your ordinary American with hopes of reaching her means of the “American dream” and experiencing the reality of heartbreak and success.

In Mrs. Obama’s memoir entitled,  “Becoming” she is raw, candid and extremely detailed in various situations of her life. Situations such as navigating life as a young black girl, the loss of her father and dealing with dirty politics in regards to her husband.

This memoir is much more than her role as a political figure, in fact it plays a small role in her book, but it’s a demonstration of her struggles, successes and triumphs as she transforms and becomes the woman we know and see.

The novel is just as she says, ‘becoming.’ It is the various stages of Mrs. Obama falling into her own identity. The novel is broken down into sections, focusing on her childhood and growing up in Chicago, her finding a means of self, meeting Barack Obama and becoming a part of a duo to then becoming the First Lady.

She really lets her readers view her life at an intimate level, especially when she discusses the loss of her father, the lack of satisfaction in her job choices and the loss of her first child due to a miscarriage.

It is almost like a reminder that despite being viewed as an untouchable political figure she is vastly human. She complains about politics. She discusses suffering with regards to student loans. And she describes being fed up with Obama’s late night schedules after becoming Senator. She describes all of these instances in such detail, the reader can almost feel some of her emotions transcend through the words and off the paper.

Despite the seriousness of some topics, Mrs. Obama is undeniably charismatic and at times hilarious. When she describes her first encounter with Barack Obama she describes him as being overrated, geeky and egotistical. Even stating she could never picture himself with him. We all know how that ended.

“Becoming” has excellent pacing and is an easy to follow narrative, especially since she breaks down every major aspect of her life into major sections. It is full of personality, lessons, experiences and humor.

“Becoming” is the reclaiming of her identity and the retelling of her narrative.

Also, if you have ever wondered if she would run for president, well she answers that in her memoir too.

9/10 Torches

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