How to Shake off Those Final Exam Jitters

Jordan Geriane
Staff Reporter

Finals week is one of the most stressful times of the years. Photo courtesy of Monika Wagu/Wikimedia Commons

Stressed for Tests? Here are a Few Helpful Tips to Prep for the Week of Final Exams

The end of the fall semester has come to a speedy close. Final exams have snuck up on us, ready to be taken on. While it is easy to slack on a week’s worth of studying and preparing for the biggest tests of the semester, it is also easy to lose sight of our sanity and allow our worries to overcome us. During this time of year, it is common to be feeling all types of anxieties and stresses that these final exams bring.

According to Rachel O’Connor from the Active Minds Journal, stress can “manifest physical and mental symptoms.”

You can combat these symptoms with various healthy coping mechanisms and keep your minds and bodies balanced so you can tackle your exams.

O’Connor stated that by simply unplugging yourself from social media for a short while, creating time for sleeping well and even talking through your stressors can help combat stress. Also, having a good support network is beneficial to keeping those final exam jitters at bay.

A good support network involves your family, friends and especially your peers in the classroom. When you allow yourself to open up to your peers about finals, you will most likely discover that they are in the same boat as you. According to O’Connor’s article, chatting with schoolmates is certainly beneficial for mental health, as well as fighting off stress.

Senior psychology major, Alondra Marquez said that over the past four years, she has learned how to recognize how she personally reacts to stressful situations, like finals.

“My biggest fear was not being able to remember anything during the exam and failing. To alleviate some of the stress I would create a strict preparation plan for myself, starting with not procrastinating,” Marquez said. “After I finish all my exams, I treat myself to a fun day and a cheat meal. My friends and I go get ice cream or a delicious meal. If possible, the day after exams, I sleep in just to feel refreshed. It feels great to know the stress is over, at least for these classes.”

Marquez’s strict preparation plan involved studying for an exam at least a week prior to the exam day. She does not like to cram because she believes that being well rested makes more of a difference on the day of the exam.

Having a planner, a check-list of things to accomplish, or even a special way you personally organize your materials makes a whole world of a difference.

“Organizing what I have to get done and when it needs to be done helps me manage my time, and I believe it reduces my stress a bit,” said Jeovany Carranza, a junior criminal justice major.

“I study by having gaps between my days, and I prefer to meet up with friends to get their opinions or help about the topic,” Carranza said.

Grace Koeppen, a freshman integrated marketing communications major agreed with Carranza’s study strategies.

“I try to do a little bit of my reviews and studying every day, and try not to stress too much on classes I know will be easy,” Koeppen said.

Koeppen makes sure to dedicate study time within her days and takes breaks every once in awhile. Once she has conquered the daunting thought of exams, she goes home to finally relax. To really de-stress, she gets out of the house to distract herself from all of the commotion rallying around her.

For freshman criminal justice major, Teodoro Gonzalez, de-stressing after all his finals includes going to the gym and lifting.

“I also enjoy wrestling which is very important to me as it helps me get into my own little world and relax my mind,” Gonzalez said.

Being active, involved, and even doing the little things you love can help reduce stress levels before and after exam days.

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