Freshman Students Consider Early Transfer from Roosevelt

Andrea Lee
Staff Reporter

Students cite loneliness and unsatisfacation with major programs as the biggest factors. Photo courtesy of Roosevelt University.

Before their first year is even halfway over, freshman students are second-guessing their decision to come to Roosevelt. Although the reasons freshman want to leave are specific faults related to Roosevelt it is not uncommon for freshman to want to transfer.

A study done by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center shows that 37.2 percent of college students transfer at least once within six years; the percentage of freshman transferring from RU is drastically higher. But according to Provost Lois Becker, nearly 75 percent of freshman return for sophomore year.

After a month of attending, freshman biology major Sabrina Silva said she no longer wanted to be a student here.

“I live on campus and am pretty involved, being director of marketing in the Wabash Community Council. I personally feel like there is a disconnect from students and learning here,” Silva said. “However, I started questioning my path of study and realized that my future career I have had my eyes set on can be achieved without medical school, and frankly, I did not want a general, and for lack of better words, ‘basic’ degree when I know I can gain a degree in what I specifically desire at another school.”

When asked if she was going to take the next steps to transfer, Silva said, “I am already enrolled at Malcolm X College, starting the spring semester of 2019. It offers the program I desire and can join the workforce in around two years.”

Freshman hospitality major Yaasmeen Kidd said she is currently enjoying her time here at Roosevelt but she still wants to transfer.

“I knew I wanted to transfer about half way through the first semester of my first year. RU is a great school, I’m just not happy living in the city”, Kidd said. “I am planning on going somewhere else for my second year, most likely Georgia Southern University or Savannah State University.”

With an undergraduate class size of 4,457 students, Roosevelt University is an extremely small school, and with such a tiny campus, students have said it is easy to feel alone.

Freshman political science and journalism major Reyna Estrada said that the thing she would want most to change about RU was how tiny the school is.

“I did start to feel unhappy here and debated the idea a little bit more recently due to finances and the social atmosphere at Roosevelt. The main thing I would change about Roosevelt is the social atmosphere. The school is very cliquey due to the fact that it is such a small school. I also wish there was more of a residence life presence on campus,” Estrada said.   

Silva also felt that same solitary. “The experience was lonely, and the classes I took in just my first semester are not even relevant to the degree I aim to obtain at MXC. I slightly regret attending, and I feel like I did not gain anything academically, personally and even socially. I wish my experience had been better and not as lonely,” Silva said.  

Baris Loberg, a freshman musical theater major, said, “I realized I might want to transfer when I felt like musical theatre isn’t what I want to do as a career and that I wasn’t learning things that I wanted to learn.”

He went on to say, “If I could change RU, I would want it to have a music production major and minor and to have studios in the school that students can use, better food, residence life that isn’t so in your face about everything and more fun activities to do within the building.”

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